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ICAST 2011 Coverage

It's a Wrap! Rods, Lures, and Terminal Tackle from ICAST 2011 (continued)

Tightlines: The expert in UV lures introduced a wide range of new baits at the show. We made it to the booth minutes before the show ended and met with Pro Angler Bill Lowen who walked us through a number of new baits including his own UV "Bill Lowen" Tube which is slighter longer than the company's other tubes at 4 1/2" and features a slightly tapered design towards the rear of the bait.




Like the company's other baits this plastic looks like any other normal lure to anglers, but fish see things differently, and under a UV light these tubes glow brightly. The Bill Lowen Tube comes 6 per pack and retails for $5.99. 


Tightlines lures light up under UV light


Another new lure is the "Big Fat Jerk" which features a shad versus a minnow look and is designed to come to life when retrieved. This new bait is available in a wide range of patterns including white, chartreuse, Tennessee Shad, and Pearl Blue Black. These baits are available now and come 6 per pack for $5.99. 


Pro Angler Bill Lowen shows us his new Signature Tube


Chain Gang: Like the name implies Chain Gang makes use of chains in the company's designs. The company offers a wide range of lures which make use of these chains as skirts including a spinnerbait and jig but what really caught our attention was the new "Flex Buzz." The Flex Buzz is a collapsible buzzbait that uses a chain to connect the blade instead of a wire. This 45lb tensile strength chain connects to a head that is designed to rise and plane faster than traditional wire based baits.


The Flex Buzz features a collapsible design


The Flex Buzz is armed with a long shafted hook hidden by a curly tail. The ability to collapse drastically reduces the fish's ability to use the lure's own blade or wire (on traditional buzzbaits) as leverage to throw the bait. The Flex Buzz is available in a wide range of patterns and retails for $7.99 each.


The team at Chain Gang now have a wide range of offerings equipped with their signature chains


PowerTeam Lures: We first met the crew from PowerTeam Lures last year and immediately liked the attention to detail on the company's plastics. New for this year is the 5" "Sick Stick" which is specifically designed to be fished with a weighted wacky head.


Meet the Sick Stick, a new plastic designed for fishing with a weighted wacky head


The Sick Stick is neutrally buoyant and features a square core encased with round rings which are designed to add more flash as well as a controllable vibration as the bait falls. The lure can be weighted with different heads ranging from 1/16-3/32oz. for varying rates of fall and a tight subtle wobble. To achieve a wilder "rock and roll" wobble when targeting more aggressive bass anglers can use heavier 1/8-3/16oz. weighted wacky heads.


The lure can be fished with various weights for different action


Though designed to be wacky rigged the Sick Stick can also be fished effectively Texas or Carolina rigged. This lure is available now in 14 patterns and come 7 in a pack and are now available online for $4.39.


Hog Tonic is loaded with amino acids


PowerTeam is also introducing a new attractant called "Hog Tonic." This formula was created specifically to target bass and is loaded with amino acids which is designed to not only convince bass to strike but also keep them holding on longer. Hog Tonic can be applied in the field using the easy to use 2oz. bottle or simply spray it into the plastic bag and let the lures marinate. Each 2oz. bottle of Hog Tonic retails for $9.99 and is available now at Tackle Warehouse.


The team at PowerTeam shows us their new lures and attractant


Buckeye Lures: Buckeye is probably best known for their popular Spot Remover jigheads but the company also has a wide range of other lures worth mentioning including Buzzbaits, a jigging blade, and a wide assortment of jigs. The most interesting jig is definitely the 2 part jig which makes use of a football head cap that actually comes loose off the jig after setting into a fish.


The 2-Part Jig separates on impact


Just like a line-thru swimbait this design reduces the fish's ability to use the weight of the lure to throw the bait during the battle back to the boat. The 2-part jig will become available later this month and comes in two configurations of 1/2 and 3/4oz., and 3/4 and 1oz. for $5.49 each.


Jeremy Altman shows us the Buckeye 2 part jig

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