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Innovating landing nets at ICAST - The Ego S2 Slider and the Leverage Landing Net


Date: 8/6/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: EGO & Leverage Landing Nets
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Apparently nets are still a category where manufacturers can still add some real innovation. This ICAST two net manufacturers introduced landing nets that were designed to be faster and easier to deploy, introducing the Ego S2 Slider and Leverage Landing Net.




From first glance the S2 looks like a traditional EGO net...


Ego nets: Adventure Products has been producing EGO nets for quite some time and we first took a look at the original EGO nets five years ago. In the review we loved the rubber mesh and the net's ability to float, something very useful for boat anglers. The one negative that we pointed out however was that the hoop was not removable and the handle was not collapsible which made it harder to stow the net in the locker or on the boat deck while fishing.


...but the head can now be removed and the handle can be extended


This year as we approached the EGO booth, Grant Corbett, Owner of Adventure Products approached Zander right away and said "I've got something to show you." The S2 Slider addressed both of the points in our original review. The S2 Slider features a handle extension system that extends the handles in both directions with a simple pull or push of the S2 Slider grip. This gives anglers complete control of the length of the handle during the landing process.


Accessories like this stainless steel gaff hook can now be used


In addition the head of the handle features a screw design like the top of a paint pole that allows anglers to screw on a variety of heads ranging from the traditional net hoop to a knife, Gaff or boat hook. Changing out these optional heads takes only a matter of seconds.


Grant shows us the new S2 Slider and it looks like a winner, oh wait it already is with a win at ICAST for Best Accessory in the new product Showcase


The ergonomic grip found on other EGO nets is still present right below the net or accessory attachment. This allows greater grip when you want more leverage to land fish with two hands. The net is available in three handle lengths ranging from 18" to 48" and expanded these will go from 36" to 108", and there are three mesh designs including nylon pvc coated mesh, lightweight rubber mesh and clear rubber mesh. The mesh is all designed to be non tangle/hook free and be lightweight for reduced water drag. Finally the big question... does the S2 Slider float like the original EGO net? Absolutely. The S2 nets will be available in the next few weeks and start at a retail price of $64.


Demonstrating the one handed operation of the Leverage Landing Net


Leverage Landing Net: Another very interesting net at the show belonged to a new company called LLN (leverage Landing Net). Like the name implies this net is designed to give anglers the leverage to land fish with one hand on the net and the other on your rod. The Leverage Landing Net is the brainchild of Jeff Kemph and Ross Smith, two avid fishermen that wanted a better landing net and not only designed the net but build each and every one in their Michigan workshop.  


The LLN has this provision for greater leverage


So how does it work? The collapsible net features a unique design that allows anglers to deploy the net with one hand by pressing forward on the net hoop which is swivels forward and open. gravity helps open the net and elastic bands (which are replaceable) snap the hoop open. The learning curve for this open and closing is about five minutes but once you get it down you can draw it like a gunslinger.


A look at the net closed and collapsed over the main arm


To close the net for storage simply lift up on the lock mechanism in the front of the main hinge. When released simply lift the net back over onto the handle rail. Squeeze and push down on the net rails over the handle. While in folded position pull back toward your hand grip to lock.


The LLN has a integrated measuring label


Lifting even big fish is made easier with a bent bar that extends under your arm and cradles it comfortably providing that extra leverage. The nylon nets are rubber dipper for fewer tangles and hook snags and a 19" hoop is designed for Bass and Crappie while a larger 22.5" hoop is perfect for bigger species. As an added bonus a handy measure is provided on the net's arm to quickly measure fish. The Leverage Landing net is great for anglers that fish solo or just about anyone that wants to minimize the net footprint on the deck of their boat. The smaller size and quick deployment makes this a real option for anglers fishing from shore as well who need to carry all their gear from spot to spot. The Leverage Landing net retails for $110-$124 dollars depending on size.











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