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Tool Review

Want a more ergonomic net? Maybe you should get an EGO

Date: 11/25/05
Tackle type: Tools
Manufacturer: Adventure Products
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.33

Ever lose a fish because you were fumbling with your net? Or even worse, ever lose your net overboard when fumbling to land a fish? EGO nets introduces a new lineup of nets that are designed to be ergonomically superior as well as float should the net accidentally fall overboard.

EGO Large Net Specifications

Handle material Aluminum
Handle length 36"
Hoop size 19" x 21"
Net material Rubber or Nylon Mesh
Weight 2lbs 10oz (Rubber), 1lb 4oz(Nylon)
Additional features Innovative grip design, anodized handle, floats
MSRP $28.99 (Large)

About EGO: EGO nets is a brand under the Adventure Products family. Adventure products is the parent company over a number of brands, all of which focus on various types of nets. These brands include EGO Nets, Fling Cast Nets, EGO cast, Butterfly Nets, and Critter Nets. The majority of the company’s product offerings target anglers, and the company’s goal is to excel in various niche markets by engineering superior solutions.

Introducing the EGO net, a new net that is designed to offer superior ergonomics


Impressions: I’ve always felt that nets in general never have gotten the attention they deserve. Sure the rod and reel bring those big fish in but it is that trusty net that secures that trophy fish. Certain nets are definitely better than others. This becomes readily apparent to anglers the very first time they lose a fish because of time wasted untangling or fumbling with a net. I first became aware of EGO nets at ICAST earlier this year. What caught my attention about their particular lineup of nets was the intriguing ergonomic handle positioned right below the hoop, and the fact that the net is designed to float if it is ever accidentally dropped in the water. These nets come in a wide variety of sizes from small sizes designed for trout and panfish to the XL model which is designed to accommodate big stripers, redfish, and even Salmon. Most of these nets are available with either nylon or rubber mesh. Both the nylon and rubber are specially designed to be hook free.

The ergonomic handle is not only designed to be comfortable and easy to grip but also to never damage or sever line during the landing process

Real World Tests: The only way to really test a net in a real life application is to land fish. We tested the large size EGO nets in both rubber mesh and nylon configurations. Due to the size of the net we decided it would be best to pursue both largemouth and stripers in our tests.


Netting fish with one hand on the rod and the other on the EGO net. This is easier with the nylon version which is much lighter than the rubber version


Rubber Mesh versus Nylon: Rubber or Nylon? What’s your preference? Most anglers still use nylon nets because of the sheer number of nylon nets available, and the lower cost of these nets versus rubber mesh versions. The newer nets like the EGO nylon net are tangle free which means that hooks do not easily get caught up in the web due to special braid techniques and durable coatings. The webs also have larger holes now so that when the fish has been landed the hooks are easier to dislodge. The real advantage of nylon over rubber is that the overall weight of the net is quite a bit lighter. On the other hand while the rubber netting versions are heavier they also reduce snags with lures to near nil, making it easier and quicker to get the fish out of the net and into your livewell or back into the water. Another advantage of the rubber netting is that they better cradle fish, and because of the larger rounder diameter of the netting it causes much less stress to the fish during the entire landing and handling process. This is the main reason why the rubber netting is becoming so popular among trout anglers that routinely practice catch and release.


Overall I now prefer rubber nets these days because of their no-tangle design

Operation: Using the EGO net is straightforward, but then that is exactly how it should be. Any net that is complicated to operate or takes too much time to set up prior to netting the fish can mean the potential loss of your catch. The EGO isn’t about re-inventing the “net,” it’s simply about making them better. Just reach out and scoop up your fish. There are some nice details in the nets design. These include a ergonomic grip right below the hoop of the net to help you gain control of bigger fish. On many competing nets this “Y” junction uses metal that often have sharp edges that can potentially sever mono line during the fish landing process. The EGO features all rounded edges and the ergonomic handle doubles as a line guard.

The rubber mesh version of the EGO is excellent for cradling and protecting fish from damage during the landing process

The actual hoop on the Large EGO net we tested is almost as wide as it is long at 19” x 21.” This makes it easier to position the net in front of fish and simply guide them in rather than attempting underwater maneuvers. This is very nice for stream anglers that frequently land steelhead. We found it easy in our tests to land stripers and bass with one hand on the rod, and the other on the handle of the EGO.


With the rubber mesh version it is easy to hold and revive fish making sure they are ready to return to the water before you release them. This is especially good for trout and bass fishing

Finally we got to testing the final and most impressive feature of the net….the EGO’s ability to float. The EGO (large) weighs in at 2lbs 10oz yet it is able to float almost completely flat on the surface of the water should it happen to be dropped…or in our case, tossed into the lake. We were impressed how evenly the entire net floated, making it very easy to simply reach down and recover the net. While most anglers probably won’t drop their net over the side of the boat it can happen. In a more common application anglers fishing on a river can lose a net as they get caught up in the moment fishing. While you probably have to chase the net downstream, at least it isn’t immediately written off as a loss to the river bottom. 

This is one net that won't sink should you drop it overboard, in fact it floats almost completely flat on the surface

Durability: We tested the net primarily in freshwater applications but the EGO can also be used for light saltwater fishing as well. The only area of real concern is the handle, and to increase the strength of the aluminum is shaped in an octagon. To shield the arm from the elements the entire length of the handle has been anodized. The rubber mesh on our test net proved to quite durable, and we successfully lifted 25lbs of downrigger weights (out of water) just to stress the hoop. The netting will actually expand up to three times in size to accommodate both sizeable and heavy fish.

Reclaiming your net is as easy

Price & Applications: The EGO net wins big points for a quality construction, intelligent features, and ease of use. Where the EGO falls short is in the ability to transport the net easily. The EGO is a “fixed” net, meaning the handle cannot be removed from the hoop, nor can the net be collapsed in any way. This makes it somewhat challenging to carry the larger size nets on boats that don’t have much room for storage, or for anglers trekking the riverbank attempting to carry larger nets. Luckily EGO makes a wide range of sizes, it just means that you absolutely need to pick the right size for your particular application. When it comes to price these nets are surprisingly affordable. They range in MSRP from $15.99 for the Small size, $24.99 for the Medium, $28.99 for the large size we tested, and $45.99 for the X-Large. All of the nets are color coded on the upper grip, for example all large size nets like the one in our review have a blue grip. Not every retailer or e-tailer will have the EGO yet, as the product has just been released. We found the easiest place to get these nets is at e-angler.  


EGO Large Net Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very good construction, nice handles, and anodized arm is well implemented. Overall quality is quite good for a net in this price range 9
Performance Simplicity can be a good thing, and the EGO net performed very well in all our tests. This net can do things other nets can't....including float. The ergonomic grips are easy and comfortable to use, and the choice in mesh net material is plus 9
Price Not cheap for a net, but reasonable for a premium product that has some unique attributes 8.5
Features Feature wise the net is right in the middle. While we love the ergonomic handle a floating ability we wish the handle could be removable or the net could collapse for easier transport 8
Design (Ergonomics) Overall ergonomics are superior to most nets on the market minus the fixed size 8.5
Application The large size we tested was good for a wide range of applications. Good for almost all freshwater applications that don't require a lot of mobility, and also good for light salt applications. Because the net cannot collapse you must pick the right size net for your particular boat/application 7

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Innovative Design L Non removable or collapsible handle
J Floats!  
J Quick and easy to use  
J Great ergonomics  
J Reasonable price  

A “net” isn’t just a “net” anymore, EGO proves that with their intelligent design. Never has it been easier or quicker to net you catch. Sometimes simplicity is a good thing, as fumbling with an overly complicated net can result in missing that big fish. The EGO’s strongest points are the net’s ability to float coupled with how truly comfortable the grips are. I would recommend the EGO to anyone looking for a quality net at a reasonable price. The only thing to remember is to pick the right size for your particular application, as the net cannot be broken down to into any smaller form. If you like the ergonomic and floating features and abilities of the EGO design but want the lightest net possible then the Nylon netting version is the right choice for you. If you want to take better care of your catch and wish to further reduce hook tangle headaches and are willing to bear the burden of a heavier net then the rubber version has your name all over it. Whichever you choose the EGO is a quality solution, one that is actually innovative, which is more than I can say for the vast majority of nets out there.










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