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ICAST Coverage (Lines) - A Line for every Occasion (continued)

Sunline: Bursting on the scene with ultra premium, high performing fluorocarbon lines, Sunline is a Japanese company exporting their product for sale into the states through their US distributorship SR Trout Supply out of West Virginia. We were greeted at the Sunline booth by sales representatives Nicholas Hinkle and Andy Caldwell.


Andy and Nicholas showcase the new premium Sunlines

Shooter Defier: New for the US this year is Sunline’s Shooter Defier, a premium monofilament line with built-in protection against UV rays for longer life. Available in 330 yard spools, Andy and Nicholas recommend this line for any type of moving bait situations, especially cranks and spinnerbaits.

Defier features built in protection from damage caused by UV breakdown


Super FC Sniper: With the pedigree of being the winning line behind the 2006 Bassmasters Classic, 2004 EverStart Championship, and 2004 and 2005 US Bass Opens, Super FC Sniper is Sunline’s best selling 100% Fluorocarbon Line. It is touted as the latest generation fluorocarbon today featuring good sensitivity, low stretch, and super clarity. It is available in mostly 110 yard spools with some varieties available in 300 meter spools as well.

Shooter Super FC: Shooter is Sunline’s top end fluorocarbon line. Coveted for its super smooth finish and excellent handling characteristics, this premium line also comes with a premium price tag. Averaging right around $30 retail for a 100 to 150 meter spool, this line is engineered to stand up longer under UV rays than standard fluorocarbons and hold up better under tough, abrasive environments therefore lasting longer and, ultimately, costing you less than other premium fluorocarbons.


Shooter and Sniper both exhibit excellent handling capabilities

Sunline also offers a selection of copolymer and braided lines and is poised to enter the US Market with two nylon lines designed specifically for trout anglers (Troutist Wild & Troutist Native). We welcome this premium line company to the US market and look forward to the innovations their competition might inspire.

Conclusion: The main theme when it came to lines at this year's ICAST was superior handling with improved invisibility. There were new fluorocarbon lines everywhere we turned, and no two were exactly alike. While each line will exhibit it's own distinctive characteristics we are sure that out of this vast assortment of new lines there is sure to be something for the angler looking for the best of both worlds...heck we even have a translucent braided line now!











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