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Daiwa: Steez line Daiwa is selling branded line too? We did a double take as we saw the spool of "Steez" branded fluorocarbon next to the Steez reels. Daiwa fan's...it is possible to have a 100% complete Diawa rig (Reel, Rod, Lure...and now line too) if your heart desires. But is there really room in the market for another fluorocarbon line? Daiwa thinks so. The Steez line isn't for everyone, instead it is designed to be technique specific. In fact it was formulated especially for the Steez spinning and casting reels.


Steez fluorocarbon line was formulated especially for the company's new Steez reels

The line is only currently available in one mix (100% Fluorocarbon) and one color (green). They designed the line to be extremely flexible, with a castability close to mono. It is highly resistant to abrasion and offers a faster sink rate than mono. Like on many premium lines, parallel winding on the filler spool prevents dents or inconstancy in roundness that can affect casting right off the bat.

Saltiga Boat braids are designed to be a perfect fit in the company's Dendoh reels


Saltiga Boat Braided line: In our reel coverage we highlighted Daiwa's new Dendoh style power reels. These reels are designed for braid, and serious deep sea fishing. To match up perfectly with these reels Daiwa is offering Saltiga "Just Fit Packs" Eight woven braids make it super strong yet one of the finest diameter braids available, less affected by currents for a straighter more accurate drop. It features a very smooth surface which means less friction and noise from the guides on the retrieve. The line's color changes every ten meters with five and one meter indicators to show depth and line movement. Coolest of all because these packs are designed for these reels anglers simply enter the code on the spool into these computer controlled reels and the reel will automatically register line diameter and length for maximum readout accuracy!


Saltiga surf line is bright "flash yellow" and features markings at 25 yard intervals

Saltiga Surf braided line: Saltiga surf line uses a similar eight braid weave as the boat series and features an ultra smooth surface for serious casting. The line is "Flash Yellow" in color for ultimate visibility and features markings at 25 yard intervals to help you judge distance and keep your bait in the right target area.

Paul at Yozuri explains the difference of adding just a little green tint to Yozuri's new H20 100% fluorocarbon line

Yozuri: H20: While Yozuri is best known for their popular Hybrid fishing line, the company is building upon the success of their HD fluorocarbon leader to produce a 100% fluorocarbon fishing line. This fluorocarbon line is specially formulated to be strong, invisible, and castable. This line is a very exclusive "invisible green" color. Paul at Yozuri explained that on very sunny days clear fluorocarbon can give off a shine warning fish of impending danger.  

The H20 line features a very light green color

By adding a very slight green tint to their line they have eliminated this "shine," and helps the silhouette of the fishing line blend in with the natural color of the water and its surroundings. The result...hopefully bigger wary fish in the boat.

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