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TackleTour's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1)

Tackle Storage: (Falcon boxes) As our review from almost four years ago would indicate, we’ve long been fans of the original Falcon FTO tackle boxes. Recently, Falcon sold off the rights to produce these boxes to Plano who’s been busy aggressively expanding this line of boxes.


Falcon FTO boxes are among the best for keeping baits organized and protected


FTO organizers keep single baits separated and angled in easy view for quick selection 


New for this year are the FTO 400 series boxes which are half the size of the 700 series and great for stashing away a few of your secret go to baits. Falcon's lineup of rods and organizer boxes are available at Tackle Warehouse. 


Home to our swimbait test arsenal...


Tackle Storage - Swimbait Storage: (Lakewood Swimbait Boxes)

Of course, hot on the heels of our Swimbait Rod wars, we cannot say enough about the utility of the Lakewood A049 and A048 swimbait storage boxes.


Lakewood boxes are built tough and you can sit or stand on them without issue


They take up an inordinate amount of space on the boat, and if you’re a backseater, they could be a pain to carry around, but the number of baits you can get in these boxes together with the bait friendly storage, continues to make these boxes our choice for big bait storage.


Ms. Casey isn't done, stay tuned for Part 2 of our Holiday gift Guide


This ends the first part of our Holiday Gift Guide, stay tuned as we move into the second half of the guide and continue to delve into swimbaits with our picks for swimbait rod, reel, and the big bait itself. We also select tackle in the enthusiast category and Ms. Casey helps introduce our picks in the fly category.











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