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TackleTour's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1)

Fishing Line: (Toray Hi Class fluorocarbon) We’ve only just started our review process with this line, but from what we’ve sampled thus far, it is quickly becoming one of our favorites. Available in spool sizes just about right for filling the majority of low profile casting reels or shallow spooled spinning reels, Toray’s Hi Class fluorocarbon is a great stocking stuffer for the angler on your list who prefers high quality fishing lines.


What kind of line is on that custom painted reel?


Toray is well known for their premium lines, many of which cost 35 dollars or more for a 164yd. spool but the Hi-Class is a bit more affordable at $14.99 for a 87yd spool. Toray's collection of lines is available at Tackle Warehouse.  


...its Toray's popular Hi-Class 100% Fluorocarbon


Terminal Tackle: (Tru-Tungsten Colored Bullet Weights) Another item in our review queue are colored bullets from Tru-Tungsten. There are a number of benefits of using Tungsten material in weights, not only are they eco-friendly but they are also denser so smaller diameter bullets can be used reducing snags.


Ms. Casey is eco-friendly and Tungsten is her choice


The dense material also helps make the weight more sensitive and because it resists damage better than lead or brass there is no need for an insert to protect the line from nicks. Tru-Tungsten's offering has the added benefit of being able to match your lure with a painted weight. The weights retail from $4.99 to $5.99 depending on weight and are available at Tackle Warehouse.


Tru-Tungsten bullets are smaller and offer increased contact sensitivity


Tools: (Texas Tackle SS Split ring pliers) We often take for granted how important pliers are, and pliers simply don’t give the respect they deserve, that is until you forget to bring them on your boat. Trying to unhook treble hooks from fish without pliers can be a feat in itself, and changing out bent out or broken hooks can wreak havoc on your fingernails. Many companies have released rebranded OEM pliers, offering little in terms of design improvement, or even distinguishable differences save for dissimilar style grips.


Ms. Casey switches out some split rings with Texas Tackle split ring pliers


The SS pliers are able to accomplish this superior split ring management with a combination of two main elements. The uniquely designed triangle tip really is an innovative improvement over traditional pliers. The SS nose holds split rings in place by themselves while gapping the rings widely and still supporting the ring better when working hooks on or off.


They may look simple but these are the best split ring pliers we have ever tested


The second design element that gives anglers more control over split rings is the overall short length of the pliers. The shorter design allows anglers to get in tight in relation to baits and better control the split rings without having to rotate or twist the pliers too far away from the lure. It is this combination that gives the Texas Tackle pliers a higher level of precision than traditional pliers.   


Changing out hooks has never been easier


The Texas Tackle SSplit Ring Pliers may not look like much they certainly deliver on their promise. The SS is without a doubt the best pliers we have ever tested when it comes to addressing split rings. This cheap gift only retails for $14.95 at Tackle Warehouse, and is sure to please any angler that enjoys fishing lures.


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