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Lure Review

FW Installment #2 : Twitch, Pop, n Lockin' Frogs (continued)


Megabass Pony Gabot: In bass fishing product circles, there are your long standing, affordable companies, there are your mid tier companies, your upper end companies, and then there's Megabass. Ok, the separation might not be that stoic, but Megabass, as a former JDM company whose baits were available in the North America through a licensed distributor, does set a different standard for a good number of products they offer. Now that they're taking a more aggressive approach immersing themselves in the North American and global markets, we can't help but pay even more attention to them see how they shake things up across the industry. Enter the Pony Gabot, Megabass's foray into the topwater frog market.


Just what we needed, an intriguing frog bait by Megabass.


Megabass Pony Gabot Specifications

Frog Type Popper
Length 63 cm (~2.5")
Weight 3/8 oz
Colors/Patterns 8
MSRP $15.99

Action: What makes the Pony Gabot an intriguing bait is all in how Megabass designed and implemented its popping mouth. This isn't just another frog bait with a cupped mouth. The Pony Gabot features a deep cut V as its chin forming a sort of channel. The line tie extends out from within this channel and the shape of the frog overall is long and slender rather than wide and tear dropped.

The Pony Gabot exhibits Megabass's typical "down eye" syndrome.

In the water, the Pony Gabot will walk, pop, and surge all depending upon how you work the rod tip. It takes a little practice to get this bait to walk, but the other commotion it makes on top of the water sort of makes you forget about walking it.

It's mouth is more than just a concave surface, it's an actual channel that extends towards the middle of the bait.

Weedlessness: This bait's long, more slender profile translates to easy sliding action through weeds and other obstructions as you work it back to your position in the boat or on shore. The hooks don't seem to be spread out as wide as other frog baits which is a good thing given the bait's slender shape otherwise, it'd probably catch more weeds.

In the water, the Pony Gabot lays nice and straight and in a very slim profile.

Taking on Water: We heard early reports from pro-staff during the development phase of this frog to be on the lookout for possible issues of the bait taking on excessive water. Our production versions of this bait showed no signs of this issue though the baits behavior in this department was still average.

On the bottom of the bait is an extra loop for attachment of blades, spinners, or any other customizable option.

Hookup Ratio: The Pony Gabot's body is made of a very soft plastic. This coupled with the bait's slender profile and more narrow spread of the hooks translated to very good hook up ratios for us. Additionally, if you look closely at the bait the skirted legs are set closer to the center of the body and away from the hooks minimizing the chances of the legs or the leg's housing interfering with the hooks.

The hooks expose pretty easily on this bait upon compression of the body.

Durability: The Pony Gabot just debuted at ICAST 2013. We did not get the chance to fish this bait over the long haul before writing it up, but given its soft plastic and the complexity of the mouth design, we'd wager durability on this bait might not be as good as some other, more hardily constructed topwater frogs. But this is only a guess. Given all the pluses in this bait's favor we'd say it's worth the risk.

Pony Gabot fish on an F5-611X paired with an IS71.

Availability: The Pony Gabot is just arriving to North American Shores at the time of this writing. Expected retail price on this bait will be $15.99. Check with your favorite Megabass authorized dealers for when the bait will be arriving in their store including Hi's Tackle Box.


Megabass Pony Gabot Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very well constructed bait 8
Performance Walks, pops, gurgles, etc. with the best of them 8
Price Of course... it's Megabass 4
Features Slender build and soft plastic body 7.5
Design (Ergonomics) The construction of the bait's mouth is what makes the Pony Gabot unique along with its more slender build 8
Application Open water to dense cover and slop, you can fish this bait just about anywhere 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Easy bait to work - The bait's price is its only true downfall
+ We feel the slender profile translates to more solid hookups  


Popping frogs are favorite amongst the TT Editors.


Conclusion: Popping hollow bodied frogs are a favorite amongst us here at TackleTour for their versatility. More and more manufacturers seem to be offering them these days and with the three we've reviewed here today, you can see some manufacturers are going above and beyond simply adding a concave head to their baits. So now we've covered standard frogs and popping frogs. What's left for our next installment? Come back tomorrow and find out!









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