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Event Article: 2006 Fred Hall Show - San Francisco

The New Year brings new and exciting events and tackle to the 2006 Fred Hall San Francisco Show  (continued)

Powell Rods: A rod company that generated considerable amount of interest post ICAST 2005 was Powell Rods. The reason for this interest? Traditionally a fly rod company, Powell Rods has taken the plunge into the bass fishing world thanks in large part to the help of seasoned bass pro Gary Dobyns. We didn't manage to make our way to the Powell Rod booth at ICAST, but we found them in a big way at this show. Not only that, but we managed to track down the driving force behind these rods and spent some time talking to Gary Dobyns himself. Having served as pro staff for such prestigious rod manufacturers as G.Loomis and Lamiglas, to name only a couple, Gary always relied on a handful of custom built rigs to fill out his arsenal with rods he just couldn't get from his sponsoring manufacturers. Now, as chief designer of the Powell Bass Rod lineup, Gary is bringing to the public, a complete line of custom designed, custom tuned, custom detailed rods built to his specifications and requirements as if to open his private rod locker and have each of his rods cloned. What's more, he and Powell Rods are offering these supremely tuned and tested rods at a price point between $169 - $200! You can be certain we walked away a little lighter in the pocket book after our discussions with Gary so stay tuned for an in depth review on this very promising line of rods.


Introducing the new Powell Bass rods


The Powell bass rods are designed by Professional Bass Angler Gary Dobyns


Both the baitcasting and spinning rods have the split rear grip


These rods, 26 in the bass series, have no foregrip


Gary explains to JIP, the details of his design requirements. Gary has brought over many of the features of his personal, custom sticks, to these new offerings by Powell Rods


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