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Pro Angler Bryan Thrift Catches Air with Damiki’s New Frog (continued)

Cal and I spent the next hour fishing the Air Frog successfully, picking up a few splash strikes and a few smaller fish. Bryan continued to make each strike count and landed fish up to six pounds with the Air Frog. I did a quick dissection of one of the Air Frogs to check out the air cavities as well as a foam pad that is inserted into the front of the bait.

Inside each air frog is a foam insert

This foam pad is designed to add durability to the center of the frog, without weight. Unlike most toad style baits the hook is not screwed in or rigged into the nose of the bait. The Owner Beast hook is designed to be screwed into the chin section of the Air Frog at an angle. This allows the bait to come through the water nose up, adding additional splash and keeping the frog at a more natural retrieve angle. The foam insert provides a solid structure for the screw to go into and also adds durability to the Air Frog, allowing it to survive multiple violent strikes.

This 4lbr. swallowed the Air Frog

As we neared the end of the day we came across a large mat that was in deeper water and all alone out at the end of a submerged point. Cal worked the frog over the mat and was rewarded with a massive strike but the fish completely missed the Air Frog, ejecting it right out of the water. Cal fired the Air Frog in again and sure enough the fish boiled up on it but stopped short of eating it. Cal tried one last time, but the third time was not the charm and as the Air Frog was pulled over the zone there was nothing but silence on the mat.

Bryan uses the Air Craw as his punch lure

“Punch it!” Bryan said as he pointed at a Damiki Dark Angel rod with a punch weight and Air Craw tied on. Cal defaulted to Bryan and he dropped the Air Craw right into the hole the bass had created and before the bait could even sink down a foot Bryan set hard and pulled the fish out of the weeds. As he lifted the fish onto the deck he exclaimed “I tried to give her to you but you wouldn’t take it,” Bryan joked to Cal.

Bryan finishes off Cal's fish with the Damiki Air Craw punched into the mat

We had a great day on the water with Bryan and the Damiki team, and as I reflect on the experience it was clear the day was really won with Damiki’s “Air” series baits. These baits “catch” trap air in multiple chambers and harness the air to create distinct performance attributes. In the Air Craw the air is put into the claws enabling the crawdad’s claws to rise up and away from the body in a defensive position. In the new Air Frog the air is trapped in the arms on the side to act like pontoons, and not only effectively float the frog but help right it into the correct position at all times.

Six quality Clear Lake bass, all courtesy of the Damiki Air Frog

Both of these baits are pretty exciting and we look forward to fishing them over a longer period to see just how they will perform in a wider range of applications and different bodies of water. Bryan’s clinic on Air Frog fishing was more than enough to get our hearts pounding just watching him get topwater strike after strike, but what we enjoyed the most was the fact that Bryan and the team at Damiki just like to have fun. Fishing should be above all things fun, and that philosophy translates into baits that are designed to be both effective and fun to toss. The Air Frog in particular looks like a real winner, and much like those Damiki cake-pops, are “sweet!”

The Damiki Air Frog and Damiki Air Craw are Available now at Tackle Warehouse










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