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Pro Angler Bryan Thrift Catches Air with Damikiís New Frog (continued)

As we ate lunch we got to know Bryan a little better. We have met with Bryan for years at various ICAST shows but this was the first time we have ever fished with him. It was clear that fishing is in his blood and when it isnít fishing season his favorite thing to do is to go out and keep fishing. He grew up fishing with his dad, and while his fatherís first love was saltwater he really took to fishing for bass and competitive fishing early on.

The Air Frog is designed to be an easy to fish topwater bait

Bryan absolutely loves fishing docks and skipping baits, but when it comes to his strengths he consciously works on just about everything so that he can adapt to any technique that a tournament situation might require. With the cake pops polished off and the wind finally down we picked up our rods and got back to fishing.

Bryan fishes the Air frog over the weed mats

What followed was an absolute clinic on frog fishing, Air Frog fishing to be accurate. Bryan pulled fish out of fish out of the top of the weed mats. He had been here at Clear Lake all week and the topwater fishing as finally heating up on the last day. Isnít that always the case? But we were the beneficiary of some pretty explosive topwater strikes courtesy of Bryan and the Air Frog.

Bryan sets into a Air Frog fish

How Bryan fishes the Air Frog is to cast behind the weed mats and pause to allow the bait to right itself just in case it landed upside down. He then retrieves the bait over the weeds with violent and erratic pauses. Unlike a hollow body frog this bait is not walked, instead it is popped and retrieved to create disturbance on the waterís surface.

Call gets a good look as Bryan boat flips

Also unlike a toad the Air Frog floats so it can be completely paused over holes and alongside weedy ambush points, and sure enough the few seconds right after the pauses when the Air Frog was positioned right in the thick of the weed mats was where the bass would strike it aggressively.

Bryan runs a clinic on Air Frog fishing

Because the Air frog is rigged with a single 6/0 or 7/0 Owner beast hook the strike to hookup ratio is quite good. Depending on just how much the fish are committing Bryan either responds to splash strikes with instant sets or pauses to allow the fish to start taking the frog down ensuring they are really eating before pinning them. In most cases once the fish were stuck they were not coming off and Bryan would boat flip everything under 5lbs. right onto the deck.

The Damiki team come in close to get a look at the Air Frog action

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