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Daiwa adds branded spinnerbaits to their lineup of lures (continued)

Retrieve cont'd: Finally my favorite technique, the burn, is ideal when the water is both clear and warm. The Chart Shad pattern was great for burning, and all I would cast towards shore and burn the spinnerbait back so that it would return briskly right beneath the surface. Sometimes bass, especially Spots, would slam the lure so hard they would flip right out of the water as they hooked themselves. This is a great technique around docks, wrecks, shallow points, and drop offs.


A look at the blade assembly


Durability: The one area where the Daiwa Spinnerbait is better than the competition is in the durability department. Daiwa starts with quality components but what makes the DS so good is the construction. The silicon skirt on the DS is held firmly with a metal band, which holds every strand of the skirt firmly in place. The head on the DS is among the most detailed we have seen on a spinnerbait, and features a realistic profile, gill pattern, and eyes. We thought the eyes might fall off after time, or the head would scratch, but neither happened throughout our weeks of testing. The DS head features a layer of gloss which also keeps the glitter on the head.


The DS retrieved right below the surface


Most impressive of all is the welded loop which keeps the main blade in place. Most spinnerbaits simply have a bent loop, or a crimp if you are lucky. This loop is not only holding the rear blade in place but both the spacer and the forward blade. Daiwa welds the loop closed ensuring the bait will hold together.


A Spotted bass hooked on the DS White Shad pattern


Price & Applications: The DS is positioned in Daiwa’s mainstream lineup of lures, not the premium Team Daiwa series. The DS lures can be found online for 5.49 a piece online, a reasonable price, and one that is inline with the competition. As with a number of the new Daiwa lures at the time of writing this review the DS is somewhat hard to find, but we did locate it at one retail store as well as one online store.



Spots really seemed to like the DS White Shad, and hammered the bait continously during our field tests


So how well did the bass in our test like the Daiwa Spinnerbaits? The baits performed on par with both the Terminator and Hildebrandt baits, and the catch ratio over five trips just about equaled out when we targeted largemouth. We did see a slightly better performance when testing for spotted bass, and while we could theorize a number of different reasons, the performance simply leads us to believe that the White Shad simply was the “right” pattern for the days we fished the bait at McClure.


A red eyed spot caught burning the lure near the surface


The DS is certainly as good as the other spinnerbaits we have tested, and we personally like the more realistic head design with bulging 3D eyes, and while in our tests the realistic heads didn’t seem to boost the catch ratio it certainly didn’t hurt them either.


The Daiwa Spinnerbait performed well throughout the tests


Daiwa Spinnerbait Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The DS features quality construction throughout, there is no skimping on materials here. In terms of spinnerbaits the quality is a match for some of the best out there 9
Performance The DS performed like any other premium spinnerbait. It didn't beat the other test subjects by a significant margin, but it certainly was as good 8
Price At just under 6 dollars the DS is priced with the compition 8
Features The DS has a few nice features including the quality skirt, detailed head, gunmetal blades (on the Midnight pattern), and the welded blade loop. While it is nothing revolutionary these tweaks are positive additions 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) The DS is easy to fish and the special reinforcement brace helps keep the angle just right 8.5
Application There are not a whole lot of patterns in this series yet, but there is enough to cover a wide range of applications. The series still needs a red/orange craw imitator 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Highly detailed head L Series only has 4 patterns. Needs a craw imitating pattern
J Reinforcement brace holds bait open at the right angle  
J Great durability  
J Reasonable price  

Daiwa proves they know what elements make a good spinnerbait and the DS is a quality lure. Throughout our tests an assortment of largemouth and spotted bass hammered the DS as we employed the bait in a variety of techniques. No, the DS is not revolutionary, what it is a very good spinnerbait. Daiwa didn’t reinvent the bait, instead they took the proven formula and tweaked it with features to improve consistency and durability. The Daiwa Spinnerbait is priced in parity to the competition and while it is hard to improve on a lure as simple as a spinnerbait….Daiwa manages to trickle out some upgrades.











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