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Northern California's Inaugural Bass Tackle Event : BassJam 2009 (pt. 1) (continued)

TruTungsten: Matt Newman greeted us with a smile and handshake, but didn’t have too much new to show us other than the new, 5” shad we talked about at ICAST. The only difference now was the bait was finally available for sale at a retail price of $29.99. Each bait comes with two tungsten balls that you can insert in any combination into the bait to adjust its sink rate. This bait may only be an inch longer than the original TruTunsten shad, but it is significantly larger overall.

The new TruTungsten 5" Shad bait is finally ready for sale.

Matt Newman of TruTungsten Baits.

JSJ Baits: Josh St. John has been busy behind closed doors developing new product to debut at this show and what a debut he has made with his new twelve inch Wake Bait Trout for $99 and the Dirty Bird for $79. The trout bait features small, soft plastic fins and tail, and a three joint design with the final joint right before the tail to give the bait its waking action.

Josh St. John has been busy leading up to this event....

... developing his new Dirty Bird topwater prop bait.

Look at the realistic finishes on this bait.

The Dirty Bird is a two piece bait with a detailed, bird head and body and a four bladed, buzzbait prop for a tail. It is definitely a unique looking bait and promises to be a lot of fun getting to know.


Also new? this 10" Trout Wake Bait...

... and a wounded series of baits!

Also new from JSJ is a modified version of the Snack Sized Trout to give it more of a shad head and tail, named appropriately enough, the Snack Sized Shad. The tail on this new shad bait is forked like a real shad and the head has been modified with different detailing and a larger eye – differences that do not catch your eye right away, but make sense once you see them. The tail, on the other hand, is a very noticeable difference. With only a few baits in this style on hand for the show, Josh plans to have them in stores within a few weeks after the Bass Jam.

The Snack Sized Trout gets a new sibling, a shad bait with a modified head...

... and tail design.


Josh St. John of JSJ Baits.

Black Dog: Finally Grant Olguin and Jeremy Andersen of Black Dog Baits were on hand to show us what they had cooking which essentially amounted to another new batch of unique, custom painted Punkers for the show, but also the new, four inch Billed Shellcracker (available for $19.99). Things were really hopping’ at the Black Dog booth as Grant was busy packaging up product and writing up tickets the entire time we were there.

Black Dog Baits had on hand a slew of custom painted punkers...

...along with the new, 4" billed ShellCracker.

The boys at Black Dog Baits with a rare moment of non-activity at their booth.

Big baits may have been the big attraction at the inaugural Bass Jam event, but that was certainly not the only thing that was going on at the show. In part II we will go over the other exciting product that was on hand including a generous number of jig manufacturers! Stay tuned as our coverage of Bass Jam ’09 continues shortly!

Looking for some of the products at Bassjam 2009 online? Check out Monster Fishing Tackle










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