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Northern California's Inaugural Bass Tackle Event : BassJam 2009 (pt. 1) (continued)

Baitsmith: Ed Proulx greeted us at the BaitSmith booth where the story was prototype baits and new colors for existing baits. The BaitSmith Shad is now available in a “Blue Ghost” color which is essentially a chartreuse shad and should prove deadly on Clear Lake, California for largemouth and on the California Delta for striper. The relatively new Magnum trout is now available in a Kokanee color and Blue Menace. Ed showed us photos of some really big striper caught on both these new baits recently that had us daydreaming of being out on the Delta!

Baitsmith had on hand a couple of prototype lures including this craw bait...

... and this topwater trout.

Of course, what we really like to see is the new stuff, and Ed did not disappoint there either showing us a prototype topwater bait his partner, Eric, is working on and also a very realistic crawdad bait. No timeframe has been set for the release of these products just yet, but it looks as though fans of this company are going to have a lot more to get excited about very shortly.

Ed Proulx of Baitsmith shows us the new patterns

Mattlures: One would think, after the successful debut of two new hard baits over the last year or two that Matt Servant would be taking it a little slow and work production rather than development, but of course, a bait maker is never truly satisfied unless they have something new in the works, to show, or both. Matt did not disappoint. Debuting at this show are his new line of soft trout baits available with three different tails, each with a slightly different presentation in mind.

Look what Matt Servant has cooking...

First up are the two swimming versions of this bait available in three different sink rates. There is the boot tail version and also a full tail version with a rather unique looking tail. The added length at the back end of the full tail version is not just for looks, but it’s an integral part of the bait’s action. Without the appendage, the tail will not kick.

... a new soft bodied trout with yet another notch up in finish quality.

This, flat tailed version is intended for deadsticking...

The third version of this bait features a very realistic, flat tail, but it is not intended to swim. Instead, this bait is a total deadstick bait designed to float on the surface and tease the heck out of any unsuspecting, but hungry bass on the prowl for an easy meal.

...while this boot tail...

... and full tail are intended to server as swimming baits.

These baits are all available in four standard colors for a retail price of $25, and of course, the colors are standard, Mattlures quality. The sparkle and finish on these soft plastic baits are superb.

Matt holds up his new 8" soft bodied trout.

Next Section: Tru Tungsten, JSJ and Black Dog new big baits










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