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Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 1 - Big Baits in L.A. (continued)


22nd. Century: Making a rare public appearance was Scott Whitmer one of the pioneers of big baits as we know them today. He eagerly swapped stories and his knowledge of the swimbait design with attendees while showcasing his complete line of Triple Trout swimbaits including the very exciting new Stubby versions.


Scott Whitmer of 22nd Century was at the show highlighting the new Stubby versions of his swimbaits


Scott explained the Stubby is able to generate a louder “thump” than the original which makes it a good choice in water that might be stained The Stubby is available in both 8” and 4” versions and bears a much larger eye than the original.


The Stubby features a larger eye and more compact profile and is available in all the same attractive finishes as the original


The finishes looked excellent and on some of the lures included holographic glitter for that extra flash. We were particular fond of the 4” shad and trout patterns which retailed for $49.99 at the show.


We really liked the trout patterned Stubby


Scott and our resident big bait fanatic Cal


Spro: Bill Siementel had a booth in the corner where he (and his aluminum brief case full of prototypes) were there to greet us. He showed attendees the new 6” BBZ-1 which is scheduled to arrive at stores any day now. The bait features a more compact profile than the original 8” version, and is easier to throw as well. But if you think that’s small it’s nothing compared to the tiny new two and a half inch long BBZ Shad.


Pro Angler Bill Siementel talks about his new 6" BBZ swimbait


This bait is designed for targeting bas when you see baitfish being scared up right on the surface. There will only be one version, a fast sink as the bait is too small to engineer a flotation method that will enable a varying rate of fall.


The excitement really started when he reached into his pocket...


Thus the best way to control rate of fall is by varying your retrieve speed. The deadliest method to fish this bait, he's found, is by keeping your rod tip up and waking it across the surface. This is how he nailed an eight pounder earlier this year, the largest fish to date on this bait.


...and pulled out the tiny 2.5" prototype


At the Bass-A-Thon a number of anglers were so excited about this tiny swimbait that they opened up their wallets and tried to pry the prototypes away from Bill, no such luck however as Bill held on to the shrunken down BBZ.


Anglers will have to wait a little longer for the 2.5" version but its nearing production now


While many anglers associate big baits with the Bass-A-Thon the show does offers plenty more than just swimbaits, stay tuned for part two of our coverage where we explore everything else the show had to offer from lines to the hottest new watercraft.









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