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Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 1 - Big Baits in L.A. (continued)


P.B. Rat: Rats are back! It seems that rats are back in fashion and a number of big bait manufacturers are now getting back to designing and building rat baits with advanced new materials. Cal’s been on a rat kick lately and was instantly drawn to the P.B. Rat.


Rats are back and the P.B. Rat is a nee entry into the category


This new Rat is the creation of Art Berry and Perry. The first thing we asked was what P.B. stood for and Art told us it was short for “Personal Best.” The P.B. Rat is unique in that it is obviously a wood lure which is unlike many of the plastic molded and injected swimbaits.


The P.B. rat is made out of wood


While we love wood as a material for swimbaits we asked him about the swelling problems we have observed on many wooden baits. In the past we have noticed that when wooden swimbaits are new they swim perfectly but often when the paint cracks water is able to seep into the wood and cause the bait to deform.


Instead of using paint to seal the lure a special flexible automotive clear coat is used which seals the wood and protects it from damage


This is where the P.B. Rat is designed to stand apart. Unlike other baits the P.B. Rat is not painted to seal the bait, instead a automotive “flexible” clear coat is used to create a more durable seal and brings out the highlights of the actual wood itself. The clear coat also really accentuates the lure’s unique wood grain finishes which look like wet hair rather than a matte surface.


The P.B. Rat's coating gives it a unique clacking sound as the joints come into contact with one another


Art then picked up the bait and rocked the joints back and forth to create a loud clicking sound quite unlike anything we have ever observed in a rat bait. This higher pitched click is generated from the proprietary finish.


Instead of paint the special clear coat brings out the natural highlights of the wood to give the lure a unique look


Overall the P.B. rat looks like a truly custom swimbait and is available now for a price of 100 dollars per lure. Were not sure if this bait will look better in the water or a glass collector’s showcase but were eager to see just how fish respond to the loud “click” which emanates from this topwater bait on retrieves.


The team at P.B. introduce their creation at the show and it looks like a winner



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