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Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 1 - Big Baits in L.A. (continued)


CL8 Bait: Our next stop was the CL8 bait where we met up with Clayton, the owner and designer of these unique multi-jointed hidden hook swimbaits. It was a year ago at this very show when we first met Calyton and during the year we had success with his full sized swimbaits on Clear Lake, and ultimately awarded the CL8 swimbait our Innovation Award for the clever hidden hook design.


CL8 Bait introduced new 5" version at the show, here it is in front of the original CB-9


It looks like Clayton has been busy and this year he introduced a new 5 version which looks like a miniature version of his original, the only difference is that it comes armed with a rotating treble hook underneath the lure.


The new 5" bait features a smaller profile but the some multi-jointed design that can collapse in a fish's mouth


The baits looked fantastic in the test tank where we could observe the lure swimming with the same tantalizing rocking tail swinging action as its bigger brother. The 5 CL8 bait will be available in floating, slow sink and fast sink versions and is about a month away from becoming available in retail. When it debuts the 5 version will come in all the same colors as its larger sibling and carry a retail price somewhere in the mid 40s.


The new lure will be available in the same realistic patterns as the original


In addition to the smaller 5 CL8 bait Clayton has also been adding new patterns to his lineup including perch, shad and a very slick looking black version which should be excellent for night fishing.


The bottom hook rotates to help keep fish pinned on


Clayton also introduced new colors including Perch and Black


Clayton shows us his newest creations and we are extremely excited about the new 5" version

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