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CL8bait: It wasn't all about the existing brands here at the Bass-A-Thon. We came across a new company called "CL8BAIT" who were selling their brand new trout swimbait. The lures are designed by Clayton Bryant and are made out of resin and feature three joints and a soft tail fused onto the end.  



The CL8BAIT is a brand new entry into the swimbait market


The CL8BAIT has oversized eyes, protruding fins, and a realistic scale pattern, but what makes the lure really exclusive is that it comes armed with three sets of hooks. 


The lure features an oversized eye, protruding fins, and a detailed scale pattern...


There is a traditional hook on top of the lure but the bottom also comes armed with a hook that rests inside the body and is held in place with a magnet. This same implementation is found on the top rear of the bait as well in the third segment of the lure directly above the tail. 


...but what makes the lure really unique are the hidden hooks


This hook design helps keep the lure from snagging up when retrieved, but no matter what section the bass bite, or if the lure curls over in a big fish's mouth there is a hook that is likely going to snag the fish. The hooks are also painted up to the barb to further conceal them. There are currently two rates of fall, floating and slow sink.  


A prototype bass pattern may soon join the CL8BAIT trout in production


The CL8BAIT is currently only available in trout pattern but there were other prototypes at the event including a juvenile bass. The current trout is 9 inches in length and retails for 79.99. The best place to get the bait currently is at Angler's Marine. While we are not sure how the new bait actually swims or performs we certainly like what we see so far.    


Lure designer Clayton Bryant shows us the CL8BAIT



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