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Black Dog: The Lunker Punker madness reaches a new level with the introduction of new more affordable injection molded models. The new process not only allows the company to make the baits more affordable but also enables them to create new patterns.



See anything different about this Lunker Punker?


The injection molded Lunker Punkers share the same basic profile as the original but have a different scale pattern, and because of they are molded versus wood carved there is now a fin on either side of the bait.


The new injection molded Lunker Punkers are more affordable than the hand carved wooden ones and can be made translucent


Since the bait is made out of plastic it is also hollow and needs to be weighed down with beads to assist with casting and help generate that famous side to side action of the original. The 6" retails for 22 dollars, the 8" is 29 dollars, and the massive 10" model will cost 34 dollars. 


Black Dog also showed new custom foil patterns


In addition to the injection molded Punkers Black Dog also had some new foil custom original Punkers on hand. These lures look much more realistic, deliver increased flash, and come in an array of new patterns. While the Rainbow trout and perch patterns looked very cool it was the Brown trout pattern that really caught our attention and would look just as good in a display case as it would on the surface of a lake.


The Brown Trout looked absolutely fantastic


Black Dog also showed us their new "Bill Cracker" blue gill bait which is essentially a diving version of their Shell Cracker surface wake-bait. The Bill Cracker is designed to get right into the strike zone and can be fished slowly or burned on top of structure. Each Bill Cracker will retail for 59 dollars and the lures are becoming available now.    


The new Bill Cracker is designed to get down to target fish in the strike zone


The new designs from Black Dog enhance the range of addressable applications and the use of plastic versus wood helps make the baits more affordable. A very good thing considering that anglers need to stretch their hard earned dollars. But for those that love the original hand carved wooden Punkers rest assured they will continue to exist alongside the injection molded models.  


Grant and Jeremy with their newest creations



Next Section: A new swimbait from a new company










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