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Castaic: Legendary Big bass Hunter Mike Long was at the show with the team at Castaic to highlight the brand new "Catch 22" Swimbaits. Why is it called the Catch 22? Unlike other swimbaits this one actually comes with a guarantee that it will catch 22 bass without losing its ability to swim. If the bait breaks before catching 22 bass simply return the bait along with $7.50 shipping and handling for a one time replacement.


The team at Castaic debut the new Catch 22 swimbaits


How is Castaic so sure that these swimbaits will last through 22 fish? The secret is Kevlar fibers that Castaic is called InnerArmor. The InnerArmor fiber skeleton provides structural strength and support and reinforces vital joint sections without changing the swimming action of the bait.


The Catch 22 is guaranteed to keep swimming even after 22 fish thanks to internal kevlar fibers


The fiber material extends from head to tail and the entire head is actually wrapped underneath the soft plastic for increased durability. The fiber skeleton is then bonded to the inside of the lure to eliminate peeling and extends all the way to the tips of the tail.


Mike Long demonstrates rigging


The Catch 22 swimbaits will retail from $16.99 to $29.99 depending on size and will be available from 10" all the way down to a minute 4" size. The Catch 22 lures are just starting to become available now and by December there should be plenty of baits in the channel. 


The Catch 22 will be available in 4 sizes...


...including the tiny 4" swimbaits


While at the Castaic booth Jason Scott also gave us a sneak peek at a new sunfish bait they were working on. The new sunfish has three soft joints and will also make use of the same InnerArmor design for increased durability. While a retail price has not yet been set for the new sunfish it will become available within the next 60 days.


A prototype sunfish will also make use of InnerArmor in the future


A closer look at this realistic upcoming swimbait



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