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Holiday Gift Guide

2014 Holiday Gift Guide : Freshwater and Saltwater Reels, Rods and Baits. Bring on the Tackle! (continued)


Topwater Bait (Balsa Bull): The rebirth of a legendary wooden bait. What fisherman can resist such a gift during the holidays? Bull Shad Swimbait's Balsa Bull, as reviewed earlier this year, is the perfect gift for that topwater fisherman on your list who basks in nostalgia.


Topwater Bait : Balsa Bull - $29.99 at TackleWarehouse

The Balsa Bull was created after painstaking research and reverse engineering of the original Ichiban Minnow/Balsa Pro and now you and that angler on your list can have this same bait. They are available at TackleWarehouse for $29.99.

Topwater Blade Bait : Jackall Pompadour - $22.99 at TackleWarehouse

Topwater Blade Bait (Jackall Pompadour): Looking for something different for that angler on your list that loves to fish topwater? The Jackall Pompadour is an exciting new bait that puts out a ton of splash and noise on the water with flapping metal wings that move a lot of water and dual rattle chambers to create even more noise. Add in the prop blade and you have one crazy loud lure that creates plenty of fish calling disturbance. This lure has been so hot out of the gate that many patterns are selling out quickly but if your lucky enough to lock one up then your sure to bring a smile to the face of any angler that enjoys explosive topwater action.

Saltwater Reel : Shimano Calcutta D - $339 to $379 at TackleWarehouse

Saltwater Reel (Shimano Calcutta): The Shimano Calcutta Series has long been a popular round reel option for fishing saltwater and the Calcutta D Series delivers in the durability, cranking power and drag departments. While we still scratch our heads why the US version does not have a takedown sideplate this really is less of an issue in the saltwater where anglers are more likely to set the casting system once, and the elimination of the plate also helps reduce the opportunity for contaminants to enter the non handle side of the reel. This is the most compact Calcutta reel yet and there is a reel for everything from targeting Calico's to Albacore in this series. The Calcutta D is available now and retails from $339 to $379 dollars depending on size.

Saltwater Rod : Phenix Abyss - $189 - $249 at Hi's TackleBox

Pictured is Casey with a Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid (retail $399 - $539).

Saltwater Rod (Phenix Abyss): Does that angler on your list enjoy saltwater fishing? In Northern California earlier this year, saltwater fishing went through a bit of a revival with a hot halibut and striped bass bite in the San Francisco Bay. Did you catch the story of our trip aboard the TigerFish? Phenix Rods makes some of the most enjoyable and affordable rods for West Coast saltwater fishing and their Abyss series is at the top of this list for everything from halibut to striper to rockfish and even salmon. Phenix's Abyss rods retail between $189 - $249 depending on the model and can be found at Hi's TackleBox.

Saltwater Lure : Savage Gear 3D Crab - $3.49 to $4.49 at TackleWarehouse

Saltwater Lure (Savage Gear 3D Crab): The Savage Gear 3D crab took home the 2014 ICAST Best Soft Bait Award and with good reason as this lure features an extremely realistic design that extends 360 degrees. Designed for inshore fishing the 3D Crab was engineered from actual 3D scans of real crabs to deliver an extremely anatomically correct shell, legs and claws. Put the lure in the water and it seems to come to life as the claws are filled with air so that they rise up in a defensive position. Each 3D crab is constructed out of PVC material and the company also offers a very durable TPE version as well. If your looking for a bait that is pure candy for Redfish, Cobia or even Tarpon,  the Savage Gear 3D Crab is one lure that your going to want to get your claws on. Available now in a wide range of patterns and either 1" or 2" sizes these lures retail for a reasonable price of only $3.49 to $4.49 for a pack of three baits.  

We are just getting warmed up! Stay Tuned for Part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide










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