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Holiday Gift Guide

2014 Holiday Gift Guide : Freshwater and Saltwater Reels, Rods and Baits. Bring on the Tackle! (continued)


Freshwater Hardbait (Strike King 10XD): If there's a technique that personifies the sport/hobby of bass fishing, it's cranking. Tying one on, tossing it out, and cranking it up is what every aspiring young bass angler wants to do. Oh, it may not be the most prudent of techniques all the time, but it is among the most gratifying. Strike King has helped redefine the art of deep cranking with their widely popular 10XD crankbait.


Freshwater Hardbait : Strike King 10XD - $12.99 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's TackleBox

We've been working on a series of reviews featuring this and other magnum cranks, but Strike King's definitely makes our Holiday Gift Guide of recommended buys for 2014! You can find the 10XD at TackleWarehouse and Hi's TackleBox for the very reasonable price of $12.99.


Freshwater Finesse Worm (Big Bite Baits Shaking Squirrel): When the bite gets tough for us, you know it's time to declare What the Finesse. So when shopping for that difficult fisherman on your list, why not do the same? Big Bite Bait's Shaking Squirrel is a good bet for this situation.


Freshwater Finesse Worm : Big Bite Baits Shaking Squirrel - $2.99 at TackleWarehouse

It comes in a slew of popular colors and is the go to bait of Bassmaster's Elite Series Pro Jeff Kriet. The Shaking Squirrel is available in either 4.5" or 6" sizes with either 12 or 10 worms in a pack respectively. They sell for $2.99 per pack at TackleWarehouse.

Freshwater Finesse Worm - Drop Shot : Damiki Finesse Miki - $5.49 at TackleWarehouse

Freshwater Finesse Worm - Drop Shot (Damiki Finesse Miki): Somewhat of an underrated worm in the world of drop shot fishing is the Damiki Finesse Miki which combines elements from the Company's other baits, all into one very deadly little package. The head of the worm is more substantial while the tail is fitted with a large cup which catches even the slightest movement on the line or in the water. Available in 4", 5.5" and 6.5" sizes this non-conventional drop shot worm is also a very good choice for fishing shakey head as well. The Damiki 5.5" Finesse Miki retails for $5.49 for a pack of ten at Tackle Warehouse.

Freshwater Finesse Hardbait : DUO Realis Spinbait 80 - $13.99 at TackleWarehouse

Freshwater Finesse Hardbait (DUO Spinbait 80): The bait that started the spybait fishing craze here in the United States, the DUO Realis Spinbait 80, is already destined to be a classic. This sleek bait is designed to catch fish using light line, long casts and subtle retrieves. Though this technique takes patience, it can deliver some quality fish in conditions where other techniques fall short, including cooler and ultra-clear water conditions. The Spinbait 80 features a compact body and blades on both ends and thanks to an internal fixed ballast system will stay in the zone longer, all while providing a tantalizing heavy rolling action. If you have an angler on the list that loves to fish with light line spinning outfits this is the perfect gift to introduce them to a whole new very effective technique. The Spinbait 80 is available now in a variety of patterns to match the hatch at $13.99 per bait.

Freshwater Blade Bait : Spotsticker S.O.B. Mini-Me) - $7.99 - $8.89 at TackleWarehouse

Freshwater Blade Bait (Spotsticker SOB Mini-Me): Spinnerbaits are another iconic bait and technique associated with bass fishing, but usually when you see a spinnerbait, it's a good sized bait. Flying under the radar for a number of years has been a compact spinnerbait titled Mini-Me by S.O.B.. Compact spinnerbaits are great for changing things up and providing a slightly more finesse profile in clear and pressured water situations. S.O.B. was recently brought under the larger, Spotsticker umbrella of baits, but the Mini-Me the same great little spinnerbait and our choice for this year's Blade Bait category. The Spotsticker S.O.B. Mini-Me is available at TackleWarehouse for prices ranging from $7.99 - $8.89 depending on size (3/8 oz or 1/2 oz).

Freshwater Jig (Bass Patrol): A good old fashioned jig is one of the most productive baits that an angler can use in the winter and Bass Patrol offers some very high quality jigs for the very reasonable price of only $2.39 each.

Freshwater Jig : Bass Patrol Silicone Football Jigs - $2.39 at TackleWarehouse

These jigs feature hand tied silicone skirts and feature a compact head design that provides a more subtle presentation for those days when you need to just work it slow. When it comes time to set the hook the sharp Mustad 2X Strong Ultra Point hooks will keep fish pinned. All in all one very balanced jig for a great price and available in a wide range of weights ranging from 1/4oz. to 1/4oz. at Tackle Warehouse.

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