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Deep Diving Crank (Lucky Craft SKT 120 Magnum DR) : There are big cranks, and then there's the SKT 120 Magnum by Lucky Craft. If you factor in the bill of this bait, it's a swimbait sized crankbait and boy is it fun to throw! It gets down quick and you can definitely feel it biting and digging into the bottom stirring up a ruckus perfectly to annoy good ole Mr. Greenback.


Deep Diving Crank : Lucky Craft SKT 120 Magnum DR - $19.99 at Tackle Warehouse

Our review is in the works, but we can't get Cal to stop throwing it long enough to pen the review! Luckily this bait is readily available so you don't have to wait for Cal to finish the writeup. Surprise that angler on your list with a bait that's will truly surprise them - the Lucky Craft SKT 120 Magnum.

Topwater Bait : Delta Wood Bomber Sinister - $49.99 at Hi's TackleBox

Topwater Bait (Delta Wood Bomber Sinister) : There's just something about those small shop bait makers and topwater lures. Delta Wood Bomber is a Northern California company and they're specialty are hand turned wood topwater plugs. The Sinister was their first release and is the bait a certain California Delta Guide has been relying upon for the last two years. Want to give that angler on your list something unique? This bait is it - Delta Wood Bomber's Sinister.

Frog Bait : River2Sea Spittin' Wa - $9.99 at Hi's Tackle Box

Frog Bait (River2Sea Spittin' Wa) : Straight off the ICAST 2013 floor into the tackle boxes of the TackleTour crew and straight on into Frog Week, the River2Sea Spittin' Wa is as fun and versatile a topwater hollow body frog bait as you will find. Every bass fisherman worth their tackle loves throwing a topwater hollow body frog. Pop it, walk it, swim it, and hang on, this bait will surely make it tough for the angler on your list to endure the long wait for Summer frog season!

Soft Bodied Swimbait : Little Creeper All American Sunfish - $19.99 per pack of 2 at Tackle Warehouse

Soft Bodied Swimbait (Little Creeper All American Sunfish) : From the original makers of the "Trash Fish" comes a new bait designed to mimic one of the favorite types of prey of predatory fish, the baby sunfish. At 4.5" this small bait is designed to mimic everything from a baby Crappie to juvenile Bluegill and deliver plenty of tail and fin motion during multiple retrieve speeds. Designed for working in tight areas in and around structure the Little Creeper All American Sunfish can be rigged weedless  with a 4/0 or 5/0 weighted swimbait hook or Owner Beast hook. During Winter is one of the best times to go swimbait fishing and this small swimbait is ideal for days where the fish are looking for easier prey. 

Hard Bodied Swimbait (tie) : GanCraft 178, Roman Made Negotiator, Deps Slideswimmer 250

Hard Bodied Swimbait (Glide Baits) : Close your eyes or scroll past this section because if you're not already in the know, you're not supposed to know about the baits in this category. Their effectiveness is roughly equal and at times, so are the hoops you need to jump through in order to acquire them. They're rarely in stock so if you happen to see them on the store shelf, or "in stock" online, snatch them up as quickly as you can because the buying frenzy on these baits can be as thrilling as your eventual catch. We are speaking of course about the BIG three, single jointed glide baits on the market right now, GanCraft's 178 Jointed Claw, Roman Made's Negotiator, and the Deps Slideswimmer 250.

Swimbait Reel : Abu Garcia Revo Winch - $199.99 at Tackle Warehouse

Swimbait Reel (Abu Garcia Revo Winch) : Most dedicated big bait fisherman rely on 300 sized low profile baitcasters or round reels in the 300 - 400 size. All these reels are big and heavy but they're coveted for their line capacity. Abu Garcia's Revo Winch has an old school deep spool so it can hold a good amount of line. What's more, it comes with a nice, slow, powerful gear ratio which is ideal for tossing big baits. It has become Cal's reel of choice for tossing big baits so if you think that angler on your list is tired of those big, heavy, non-ergonomic reels, have them try an Abu Garcia Revo Winch and they just might be converted too.

Swimbait Rod : Phenix Recon 2 PHX-C796H - $199.99 at Tackle Warehouse

Swimbait Rod (Phenix Recon 2 PHX-C796H) : We see so many big bait rods each year, it's tough to keep track. Phenix's Recon 2 PHX-C796H is one stick that stands out from the pile though because it has a little JDM flare while maintaining a workhorse USDM price tag. It's designed as more of an all purpose 7'9" heavy powered rod and can be used for big baits as well as flipping and punching, so if that angler on your list is in need of a versatile big bait rod, consider getting them the Recon 2 PHX-C796H by Phenix.

Stay Tuned for Part 2: Enthusiast Tackle, Saltwater, Lines, Apparel and more










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