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Finesse Softbait (Roboworms Straight Tail): It's no secret that when the TackleTour gang needs to go finesse and a straight tail worm is in order, unless we're reviewing a specific product, we reach for our boxes and bags of Roboworms. Although their product pours are automated, the consistency of the Roboworm soft plastic is as close as you can get to a hand pour and for whatever reason, this consistency makes a difference. For that finesse angler under your list, we recommend Roboworms Straight Tail worms.


Finesse Softbait : Roboworm Straight Tail - $3.39 - $3.69 at Tackle Warehouse

Finesse Hardbait (Duo Realis Spinbait 80): It seems like each season we find a new super technique crossing the pond and this year when it came to finesse fishing with hardbaits it was all about "Spybaiting" also known as "Silent Capture." The Duo Realis Spinbait 80 has been synonymous with this trend here in the U.S. and has proven to be a fish catching machine for those willing to invest the time to learn this finesse technique.

Finesse Hardbait : Duo Realis Spinbait 80 - $12.99 at Tackle Warehouse

The Spinbait 80 features a heavy rolling action, even during slow retrieves and makes use of an internal ballast to stay in the strike zone. As it is retrieved the props add additional flash and water displacement. Available now in a wide range of patterns for $12.99 each, this tiny lure proves that small baits can catch big fish. 

Creature Bait : Big Bite Baits YoMomma - $3.49 - $3.99 at Tackle Warehouse

Creature Bait (Big Bite Baits YoMomma) : Big Bite Baits has made a big push over the last couple of years to become a mainstay in every bass angler's arsenal. One of our favorite products from this burgeoning company is their creature/trailer bait, YoMomma. It is available in two different sizes and at least ten different colors and is a great choice to change things up just a little bit. Our Creature Bait category recommendation, Big Bite Baits YoMomma.

Plastic Worm : Missile Baits Tomahawk 8.75 - $3.99 at Tackle Warehouse

Plastic Worm (Missile Baits Tomahawk 8.75) : Does anyone still fish with just a plastic worm anymore? You'd think with all the specialty baits out there, that the good old fashioned plastic worm would be a done deal, but the truth of the matter is, it's as reliable as it's ever been, you just have to remember it's an option and throw it! For that fisherman on your list who's in the know, Missile Bait's Tomahawk is an eight and three quarter inch (8.75") available in ten (10) tempting colors for $3.99 a seven (7) pack.

Scent : Smelly Jelly - $5.19 at Hi's Tackle Box

Scent (Smelly Jelly): Scents - some anglers swear by them, many more just cannot stand the mess they make on their boats. Smelly Jelly has a heavier consistency than most scent products and can be applied with your fingers, or if you're clever, a paint brush. Because it's like a jelly, it stays on longer so you don't have to apply it quite as often. Zander swears by it when throwing soft plastic swimbaits. Maybe the angler on your list will too.

SquareBill Crankbait : Storm Arashi - $8.99 @ Tackle Warehouse

Squarebill Crankbait (Storm Arashi) : We're still in the early stages of testing this bait, but all indications are it's the real deal. Work the Storm Arashi Squarebill as fast or as slow as you want, and that self tuning line tie keeps the bait running straight as an arrow shooting through the water. This bait is showing a lot of promise and if you want to beat the rush, or give that angler on your list something they'll truly covet, give the Storm Arashi Squarebill Crank a go!.

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