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Holiday Gift Guide

2013 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 - Fill those Stockings with Lines, Tools and Enthusiast Tackle (continued)


Enthusiast Spinning Reel (Daiwa Steez EX) : Truly an Enthusiast Class spinning reel the current generation of the Steez is a functional work of art. Demonstrating just how good the Zaion carbon composite material can be this ultra lightweight reel takes all the unnecessary material out while making sure not to sacrifice durability.


Enthusiast Spinning Reel : Daiwa Steez EX - $749.95 @ Hi's TackleBox

An example of this is the aggressively ported air rotor which and air spool. This reel is as smooth as Daiwa reels come and makes use of magnetic oil to form a mag seal on both the body and line rotor. It may not be cheap but for those anglers looking to get as close to spinning perfection as possible the incredibly refined Steez EX is the right call.

Enthusiast Spinning Rod : Edge Rods DSR-6100-1(HM) - $449.99 @ Tackle Warehouse

Enthusiast Spinning Rod (Edge Rods DSR 6100-1(HM)) : Gary Loomis is back not only building blanks through his new company North Fork Composites, but rods as well through Edge Rods, a subsidiary of North Fork Composites. Their new DSR 6100-1(HM) drop shot rod has Zander so excited he can barely contain himself. Built with the backbone of a light powered rod, but the tip of an ultra light, this stick promises to be the ultimate in a finesse tuned stick. Is that angler on your list a finesse fishing fanatic? The DSR 6100-1(HM) spin just might be their ultimate weapon. Or maybe that angler on your list prefers to use casting rods for their finesse tactics. Well, the DSR 6100-1(HM) casting model is Edge Rods answer to those who prefer bait-finesse tactics to spinning.

Enthusiast Topwater : Megabass X-Plose - $23.99 at Tackle Warehouse

Enthusiast Topwater (Megabass X-Plose) : Anyone who's had the privilege of traveling to the Amazon to fish for peacock bass and catch them using a wood chopper will tell you, it is a very tiring and quite the unbelievable way to catch a fish. The commotion those baits make lead you to believe nothing will hit that bait, yet the peacock bass do and when they do, it's an explosion you cannot soon shake. Megabass's new X-Plose delivers a similar experience when in the pursuit of black bass only at a much smaller scale. This double propped plug makes you think of similar double propped minnow style baits but instead of subtle churn on the surface of the water, this bait can spit and create a sound like a mini wood chopper! What's more, the bass actually hit this thing! It is a unique and fun bait to fish. Put one under the tree tagged for that fisherman on your list and see if he can make heads or tails of this new and rather unique little powerhouse from Megabass - the X-Plose topwater bait.

Enthusiast Crankbait : Megabass Deep Six Crank - $22.99 at Hi's TackleBox

Enthusiast Crankbait (Megabass Deep Six) : Did you catch our recent review of Megabass's new Deep Six deep diving crankbait? If you did, you know it was responsible for two thirty pound bags during a weekend where bites were difficult to come by on Clear Lake, California this past Fall. This bait is exotic yet durable, expensive but effective, a formula that equates to a perfect gift for that crankbait enthusiast on your list but be prepared, once they sample one, they're bound to want more. Megabass's Deep Six crank is liable to send that angler on your list over the deep end.


Enthusiast Braided Line : YGK G-Soul SS112 Sinking Braid - $29.99 at Hi's Tackle Box

Enthusiast Braided Line (YGK G-Soul SS112 Sinking Braid) : What qualifies a braided line to be considered something enthusiasts should consider? YGK's G-Soul SS112 is a sinking braid made primarily for the Japanese Domestic Market but now available through Hi's Tackle Box. A sinking braid? Yeah, as you can tell, Jillian is skeptical too, but we'll reserve judgment until we've had a chance to test it ourselves. In the meantime, our friend Shin Fukae swears by it on all his spinning gear, so if it's good enough for Shin, it's good enough to make it on our recommended buy list as an exotic and enthusiast level fishing line for that hard to surprise and satisfy angler on your list.

Electronics : The Go Pro hero 3+ Silver Edition Adventure - $299.99 at Tackle Warehouse

Electronics (GoPro Hero3+) : Nothing advances quite as fast as consumer electronics and Go Pro has been busy making their cameras more feature rich, more compact and easier to use. The Hero 3+ is 20% lighter and smaller than the Company's previous version and performs far better in low light conditions as well as delivers faster wi-fi performance and longer overall battery life. This camera is great for recording all your fishing trips in stunning 1080p high resolution. With various mount accessories this camera can be mounted on your boat, vehicle or even worn, providing a unique personal perspective. Improved audio on the Hero 3+ completes the entire package. While great for angling applications this easy to use camera is also ideal for any outdoor enthusiast and can be used for everything from biking and autocross to snorkeling and snowboarding. The Go Pro Hero 3+ is available from Tackle Warehouse for $299.99, and don't forget to load up on some Micro SD memory cards to document your next action packed adventure.  



Outerwear : Simms Exstream Jacket - $249.95

Outerwear (Simms Exstream Jacket) :  It is once again that time of year when a good jacket is worth it's weight in gold. The new Simms Exstream is our pick for a technical outwear jacket that is designed to handle the cold yet still remain lightweight and provide plenty of mobility. Built using Primaloft insulation throughout the body, including the collar, cuffs and hood ensuring that it provides plenty of warmth even in the event it gets wet. There are some days when a hood isn't necessary, for example when layering, and in these applications the Exstream's hood can be removed in seconds. Additional features include zipper hand warmer pockets,  a zippered chest pocket for easy access to tools and a dual interior dump pockets. Sure to keep you warm while fishing this winter the Simms Exstream Jacket is available now at Tackle Warehouse for $249.99.

Foul Weather Gear : STORMR STRYKR Jacket - $279.99

Foul Weather Gear (STORMR) : Offering a different take on foul weather gear the Stormr Strykr Jacket makes use of exclusive Neoprene Core Technology to deliver wind and rain protection as well as providing greater warmth than competing offerings. The Strykr Jacket feels more like armor from the elements rather than just a shell. Plenty of high volume pockets are available to store all your gear and abrasion resistant Duratex materials help shield all critical wear points from damage so that this jacket will keep you fishing season after season. In a sea of sameness STORMR's new Strykr Jacket delivers something unique and has the performance and features to keep you fishing for those big ones even when the sky opens up. For those anglers looking for the complete kit the Strykr Bib is the perfect pairing and compared to other premium foul weather options the STROMR gear is actually quite reasonably priced.

Books : Bass Angler Magazine - $19.99 / 2 years

Books (Bass Angler Magazine) : When the weather outside is frightful a little reading about our favorite sport can be absolutely delightful. For the angler on your list that is looking to learn more about the sport, from the tackle to the techniques, Bass Angler Magazine will not just educate but entertain. This premier magazine is brought to you by professional anglers and is filled with articles from leading pros, industry veterans, big bass hunters and more. Designed to help anglers catch more fish this publication delivers a higher percentage of editorial versus ads and is one of our favorite in the books/videos category. This thoughtful gift is only $19.99 for a 2 year subscription

Optics : Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses - $169.99 to $248.99

Optics (Costa Del Mar) : We have tested a lot of optics over the years and the brand that we seem to keep coming back to when it comes to top notch performance and comfort is Costa Del Mar. This company designs optics that really excel in angling applications ranging from fishing in bass tournaments to pursuing top of the food chain offshore species. There are so many styles to select from and numerous lens colors to provide plenty of versatility in different applications. These polarized sunglasses provide 100% polarization and 100% UV protection and with so many frame styles to choose from there is sure to be something to fit your individual style. These optics are styled so that they look equally great whether you are sporting them on the deck of your boat or just driving around town and Tackle Warehouse has a wide range of Costas available ranging in price from $169.99 to $248.99.


Thanks for joining us for the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide and have a very happy and safe holidays. See you the water!










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