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2013 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 - Fill those Stockings with Lines, Tools and Enthusiast Tackle (continued)


Pliers (Boomerang Grip) : When it comes to fishing tools a good pair of pliers is among the most critical in your arsenal. From Boomerang Tool Company comes the "Grip" pliers which are machined out of aircraft grade aluminum and come loaded with crimping jaws that are made out of tempered stainless steel. The "Grip" comes with a spring loaded design for easy use and as the name implies there are rubber grips integrated into the handles so that anglers can maintain a proper hold on the tool in all conditions.


Pliers: Boomerang "Grip" Pliers - $39.99 at Coyote Bait and Tackle

 These pliers are designed to handle braid and the tungsten carbide cutters are replaceable. These pliers also come bundled with a nylon holster and lanyard and weigh in at only 3.6 ounces. Perhaps best of all is the very reasonable price of only $39.99 at Coyote bait and Tackle for this precision machined tool, making it easy to get a quality pair of pliers for that special angler on your list. 

Tool Set :Rapala Ultimate Fisherman's tool combo - $39.99

Tool Set (Rapala Ultimate Fisherman's Tool Combo) : Are you looking for a gift for that special someone just looking to start their angling career? Rapala has you covered with the Ultimate Fisherman's Tool Combo which provides a complete set of tools that provide a good foundation in any tackle box. These Rapala branded tools include a pair of 6 inch pliers, super line scissors, a 50lb. mini digital scale, a 6 inch Falcon fillet knife which has a finger guard and hard sheath with built in knife sharpener. To top it all off Rapala also includes a fishing instructional video "Pro Bass Tactics" which is a 3 disc sets that teach anglers not only the basics but veteran Rapala pro's favorite techniques for targeting big bass all year long. This entire combo makes for a nice gift and retails for a great price of only $39.99 at Tackle Warehouse.  

Storage : Shimano BlackMoon Backpack - $119.99 - $149.99 at Hi's TackleBox

Storage (Shimano Blackmoon Backpack) : Shimano has been branching out to a lot of different areas in recent years expanding both their apparel and storage offerings along with their mainstay rods and reels. This year, we caught a glimpse of the new Blackmoon tackle backpack and immediately purchased one for review. It's available in two sizes each coming with four bait boxes in the lower compartment, a main compartment for miscellaneous items and a bunch of side pockets to store everything from extra spools of line to your standard tools and sunblock. Shimano's Black Moon Tackle Backpack is a very promising new tackle storage solution.


Marine/Boat Safety: Mustang Survival PFDs - $99 to $257.99

Marine/Boat Safety (Mustang Inflatable Vests) : There is nothing more important when your fishing than staying safe and Mustang Survival offers a complete range of personal flotation devices (PFDs) designed to protect anglers in unpredictable and hazardous environments and still be comfortable to wear and fish in. The popular M.I.T. 100 model retails from $99.88 to $130.99 and when activated, provides 26lbs of buoyancy, which is one and a half times more than most PFD's. There are two variations the "Manual" Mustang Classic M.I.T. Membrane Inflatable Technology 100 Inflatable PFD is manually activated, meaning you control when it inflates by pulling activation cord while the "Automatic" Mustang Classic M.I.T. Membrane Inflatable Technology 100 Inflatable PFD is automatically activated, meaning it inflates upon water immersion or by pulling activation cord. In terms of ratings the M.I.T. is USCG - UL1180 - Inflatable PFDs 160.076 - Type V with Type III Performance. The Classic M.I.T. and a complete range of Mustang PFDs are available at Tackle Warehouse.

Enthusiast Low Profile Casting Reel : Shimano Antares - $599.99 at Hi's TackleBox

Enthusiast Low Profile Casting Reel (Shimano Antares) : There are enthusiast level reels, and then there are ENTHUSIAST level reels. We were all set to recommend Shimano Japan's new Metanium reels in our 2013 Gift Guide, but then Cal got a hold of the new Antares while visiting Hi's Tackle Box and it was game over. We've all been fans of the former Antares/Calais lineup with the only caveat being the reels are just too darn heavy. The casting performance and smooth winding action are virtually unrivaled, but after a long day of fishing, they were just too cumbersome to use. Shimano Japan has resolved this issue by making the latest version of the Antares with a magnesium frame. Despite the lighter frame, the Antares still weighs in somewhere in the neighborhood of eight ounces, but this is far more manageable than the previous nine plus ounces of the earlier models. Turn the handle on this reel and you are reminded of Shimano's hey day. Shimano Japan's 2012 Antares is incredibly smooth and now that it's available domestically within the United States, it's a slam dunk for our Enthusiast Low Profile Reel Holiday Gift Guide pick!

Enthusiast Round Casting Reel : Abu Garcia Morrum ZX- $499.99 at Tackle Warehouse

Enthusiast Round Reel (Abu Garcia Morrum ZX) : Another classic that's been updated this year is the long awaited Abu Garcia Morrum Reel. If that angler on your list is familiar and comfortable with round reels this new flagship from Abu Garcia will be a truly coveted piece in their collection. This Swiss engineered masterpiece is a demonstration of Abu Garcia's capabilities targeting top of the line engineering, performance, and cosmetics. Jillian had to pry this reel out of Cal's hand just for a photo opportunity. We know the angler on your list will appreciate the new Morrum by Abu Garcia.

Enthusiast Casting Rod : Megabass F5xt-611X7 Bearing Down Type X - $685 at Hi's TackleBox

Enthusiast Casting Rod (Megabass F5st-611X7 Bearing Down Type X) : Megabass's presence in the US market is stronger than ever thanks its new subsidiary Megabass of America. Given TT HQ is only fifteen minutes away from their new office, it's been difficult keeping Cal and Zander away each time a new shipment of rods arrives. The most exciting rod in Megabass of America's current inventory? How about the new Destroyer X7 F5st-611X7 Bearing Down Type X. We're talking about a heavy powered rod with a stinger tip. No matter how sensitive a heavy powered rod you're fishing, there are always those occasions where you're fishing a jig and either get that "something feels different" kind of bite, or you see your line moving off in a direction that can only mean a fish has your jig in its mouth. Put a stinger tip on that very same rod and instead of trying to decipher that "something different" sensation or watching your line for movement, all you have to do is keep your eye on the rod tip. If you see it flex in an unexpected manner, set hook! The new Destroyer X7 F5st-611X7 Bearing Down Type X promises to redefine jig fishing for that enthusiast angler on your list!

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