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Jighead: Hot off the manufacturing line, Owner has finally made good on their ICAST tease to bring to market their Ultra Head Wacky style jighead. This is the exact rigging style that inspired our WTF theme for 2011 when JIP rigged a worm wacky style with a jighead several years ago and both Cal and Zander exclaimed, wtf is that?

What the Finesse Jighead : Owner Ultra Head Wacky Style.

Now Owner joins the craze with their unique head design and perhaps even more important, their premium quality hook as well. A complete selection of Owner Ultra Head jigheads are available at Tackle Warehouse.

Wacky Style jigheads are what inspired our "What the Finesse" theme.

What the Finesse Weight : River 2 Sea's Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights.

Weight: We’ve probably fished the drop shot rig more in the last six months than we have fished it the entirety of the last six years. A year dedicated to finesse fishing will do that too you. Zander has also lost more drop shot weights than one should be allowed to lose in a day let alone an entire fishing season. Cal has been using the cylindrical style tungsten sinkers from River 2 Sea with great success in rocky conditions. Has he given any to Zander to alleviate his snagging concerns? Of course not, Zander is the EIC of TackleTour, he can buy his own! Get your R2S Tungsten Skinny Drop Show Weights at Tackle Warehouse.

Cal has been using the cylindrical style tungsten sinkers from River 2 Sea with great success in rocky conditions.

Swimbait Hardbait : Triton Mike's Bull Shad V2

Swimbait Hardbait : Just when we were getting comfortable with our collection of Triton Mike Bullshads, he goes and makes a refinement. The Bullshad V2 is available now and comes in three different sink rates – a floater, a slow sink, and a fast sink. To top it all off, it’s also available (in limited quantities) in a premium custom finish. We’ve been throwing these baits for a couple of weeks now and were hoping to keep them to ourselves, but at the same time are too excited to not include them in our Summer Gift Guide recommendations. The Triton Mike Bullshad V2 is available now at Hi's Tackle Box.

Triton Mike's Bull Shad V2 is also available in limited edition finishes.

Swimbait Softbody : Little Creeper's All American Trash Fish.

Swimbait Softbody :  Little Creeper’s All American Trash Fish won Editor’s Choice honors back in our mid-May review of this product, and it continues to inspire thoughts of big fish when we tie it to the end of our line. This exciting swimbait has garnered a lot of interest from both weekend warriors and tournament anglers, and while it may not be the easiest swimbait to rig it does reward fishermen with quality fish.

Not only did this bait win Editor's Choice honors back in May 2011 ...

Anglers have also taken to modding these baits including doctoring the tail and using a razor blade to make a slit for the hook to more easy come through. The Little Creeper Trash fish has that custom quality to it that makes us remember just why we like soft bodied hand pours so much. The Trash Fish is available now at Hi's Tackle Box.

... But both Casey and Jess had a great time showing off these baits!

Stay tuned for Part II of our Summer Buyers Guide when we jump into Enthusiast Tackle, Lines, and more finesse gear.










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