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Summer Buyers Guide Part 1: Hot Tackle for Warm Weather Fishing (continued)


What the Finesse: Summer is the prime time for finesse fishing. As boat traffic increases, fish that are in the shallows get tight lipped while most move out from the shallows and suspend making it more difficult to both locate them and get them to bite. Finesse tactics are the key and here are our recommendations for the Summer:

What the Finesse Drop Shot Bait : Jackall Cross Tail Shad.

Drop Shot: Jackall’s Cross Tail Shad is the new worst kept secret at TT HQ. Zander has an entire bag stuffed with this product that he eagerly pulls out every time the occasion calls for testing a new spinning rod or reel. Cody Meyer turned him onto these little gems, and now we can’t get him to fish much else when drop shotting! The Cross Tail Shad is available now at Tackle Warehouse.

What the Finesse
Shakey Bait : Owner Shiver Tail Worm.

Shakey: In many parts of the country, Shakey head fishing is still the dominant technique. Owner has ventured into the soft bait market in recent years and their new Shiver Tail worm has the right stuff. Built with a tail that has a tendency to float up while the head is weighted down by your shakey jighead, the real key to this worm is that flexible, super thin mid section serving as a pivot point when you’re moving the head around or shaking the worm with your rod tip. This enables the tail to dance around just that little bit more enticing stubborn bass to strike. The Owner Shiver Tail is available now at Tackle Warehouse.

What the Finesse
Split Shot Bait : Roboworms Straight Tail Finesse Worm.

Split Shot: Still Cal’s preferred option when finesse fishing, the split shot rig is essentially a miniature Carolina rig. Out west, it is traditionally fished with the old school, straight tail finesse worm. Aside from the custom hand pour guys still in practice today, when it comes time to go straight tail finesse worm, TackleTour turns to Roboworm. These proven lures are available at His Tackle Box.

What the Finesse
Jig : Damiki TG Tungsten Micro Jig.

Jig: Are you a jig guy? Do you find it difficult at times trying to downsize your jigs due to the limitations of lead? Damiki’s new TG Tungsten Micro Jig might be your ticket. This little ball headed tungsten jig is available in four colors and comes in two, two and a half, and three gram sizes and is a great option when you want to tease them into striking and by downsizing your jig. Tackle Warehouse has a wide range of patterns in stock.

Jess likes this bait!

What the Finesse Hook : Gamakatsu's Drop Shot/Split Shot Hook.

Hook : Continuing our finesse recommendations for the Summer, how can we overlook the finesse hook recommendations of one of the more renowned finesse bass fishermen on the planet? Aaron Martens shared with us his hook preference when drop shotting and it’s the dual purpose Split Shot / Drop Shot by Gamakatsu. This multi-purpose hook is available at Tackle Warehouse.

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