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On the other end of the lure DRT has engineered a configurable tail. The Klash’s tail is constructed out of plastic and is shaped so that it can be inserted with fins up or down to change not just the tail action but the entire swimming behavior of the bait itself. DRT calls the upturned tail configuration “Mode A” and the down turned tail “Mode B,” how this configurable tail changes bait action depends on the combination of both the “Mode” of the tail and whether the lip is installed or not.  


The tail has two "modes" and can be inserted either direction to act like a rudder, also dramatically altering the lure's action


Hi-Float Klash: Just like the name suggests the Hi-Float Klash is designed to be fished like a surface wakebait which will cause the lure to create a disturbance on the surface and create a wake behind the swinging tail. Even with the lip left in place the Hi-Float model is not designed to get very deep at all and will act like a very shallow diving crankbait. In each of the four tail and lip configurations the Hi-Float bait will behave as follows:


The bait features a single joint


Hi-Float Klash Behavior with
Different Lip and Tail Configurations

Lip in - Tail up In this configuration the bait will behave like a traditional wakebait and retrieved slowly it will move side to side but when retrieved quickly it will dive and come back sub-surface with a tighter more uniform movement.
Lip in - Tail down Here the Klash displays a unique rolling action versus the traditional side to side creating more flash in the water.
Lip out - Tail up

In this mode the Klash transforms into a spool like bait and can be walked side by side with less resistance on the surface.

Lip out - Tail down

One of the coolest ways to fish this bait and with just the right amount of resistance action on the rod can impart erratic action. With pauses the bait can even do 180 degree turns challenging fish to strike.

The bait is relatively skinny and depending on configuration can either swim, wake, wobble and dive

The Low-Float Klash: The Low-Float is the sinking version of the Klash and allows the bait to be used in a wider range of strike zones. This bait can be swam with a wide, uniform back and forth sway or in a completely unpredictable side to side glide with a very wide array of different cadences. In each of the four tail and lip configurations the Low-Float bait will behave as follows:

The Klash Low Float model sinks downwards head first

Low-Float Klash Behavior with
Different Lip and Tail Configurations

Lip in - Tail up In this configuration the bait will exhibit a rolling action with a very wide swimming motion, much like a hunting style crankbait.
Lip in - Tail down Probably the easiest to fish and predictable mode to fish is with the lip in and tail down. In this configuration the Klash delivers a consistently uniform swimming action and can be cranked down to target suspended fish. 
Lip out - Tail up When fish are shy and want a very subtle action this configuration pretty much kills the bait’s aggressive swinging or wobble action and instead the Klash will come straight back more like a large spybait.

Lip out - Tail down

Looking to really mix things up? In this configuration the Klash becomes erratic and unpredictable. It will swim back and forth and act like a glide bait that can swim back and forth tantalizingly or dart out unexpectedly. Move the rod tip or pause the action and the bait will come to live and perform underwater acrobatics. This mode probably takes the most time to master but in the hands of a seasoned swimbait angler can be very exciting.

The Division Rebel Tackles Klash is an interesting highly configurable swimbait that is starting to appear in the U.S., stay tuned for our complete review as we put the varying modes to the test

The Division Rebel Tackles Klash is an interesting swimbait that is designed to give anglers plenty of freedom to impart the type of action that they feel will draw the most strikes from fish in their local lakes and rivers. The Klash is still relatively unknown here in the U.S. but Monster Fishing Tackle has them available in limited quantities, with each bait retailing for around a hundred dollars each.

Looking for the DRT Klash Swimbait? Try Monster Fishing Tackle










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