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ProducTTpreview: The Highly Configurable DRT Klash Swimbait


Date: 4/5/15
Tackle Type: Swimbait
Manufacturer: DRT
Reviewer: Zander




Introduction: There are few baits that can inspire anglers to go out and fish as much as a swimbait, and for trophy hunters they are often the tool of choice. The DRT (Division Rebel Tackles) Klash is a big bait that is designed to give unprecedented configuration freedom to swimbait anglers. DRT designed these baits near Lake Biwa Japan and each bait is still manufactured in Japan, and is just starting to become available here in U.S. market.


Meet the JDM Klash Swimbait


There are two Klash models available, the Hi-Float (floating) and Low-Float (slow sinking) swimbaits.  The Hi-Float weighs in at 3oz. and features a single knocker rattle while the Low-Float weighs 4.4oz. and sinks at around a foot per second and has no rattles.


The Klash channels big bait mentality, go big or go home!


Both versions are 9 inches in length and feature a single joint design that is connected with high strength stainless steel hardware. The entire bait is molded out of ABS plastic and is armed with Owner 1/0 treble hooks.


A look at the front end of the Klash


In terms of finish the baits are available in a range of translucent, opaque and reflective patterns that are all relatively detailed. The most exciting element of this lure is not the finish but the configurable tail and lip design. 


The Klash may look like a simple swimbait but it has features that make it highly configurable


The Klash’s lip is constructed out of highly durable clear ABS plastic and is molded with a keel in the underside and is held in place with pressure and we found that it was easy to pull the lip in and out by applying just the right pressure. There is a light locking edge on the inside so you know the lip is firmly positioned in place and it is very unlikely that the lip could ever come out accidentally while fishing. Removing the lip changes the action of the lure dramatically by altering water resistance and pressure which causes the lure to dive.


The translucent lip can be removed to change the action

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