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Terminal Tackle Review


Warbaits Puts a Spin on Swimbait Jigheads


Date: 1/2/19
Tackle type: Terminal Tackle
Manufacturer: Warbaits
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.41 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

Introduction: Warbaits is known for their extensive line of jigheads and swim-jigs by both freshwater and saltwater anglers. The brand has a very strong following among bass fishermen but also inshore anglers targeting Calico Bass as well. We have been utilizing the company's jigs and swimbait heads for years and the subject of the first review of the new year, the Warbaits Underspin jigheads, is designed to offer anglers a little more flash while targeting suspended fish.


Warbaits Underspin Heads Specifications

Type Jighead/Blade Bait
Weight 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 ounces
Material Lead/Powder Coated
Hook Mustad Ultra Point Heavy Wire
Swivel SPRO ball bearing
Patterns 10+ (Offered with both gold and silver willow leaf blades)
MSRP $8.99


Impressions: Warbaits already offers some of my favorite terminal tackle and I've always liked the overall design of their jigheads with the line tie in just the right position as well as the excellent durability that comes with their powder coated finishes. Warbait jigheads also come in a large variety of finishes and sizes, making it very easy for anglers to match a wide range of swimbaits.


Have you ever used an underspin? Warbaits now offers their popular jighead design with an underspin design


It wasn't until I started doing research for this review that I started to really delve into the hybrid style bait that underspins represent. For the most part I've either used a swim-jig or inline chatter style blade versus underspins, but have spoken to many pro-anglers that talked about the effectiveness of underspins for targeting suspended fish in clear and heavily pressured water.


No shortcuts here. Warbaits uses a Mustad Ultra Point heavy Wire hook and a SPRO ball bearing swivel in their design


Warbaits offers their underpins with a similar head design as those found on their normal jigheads and positions the blade in the lower section of the head via an angled wire. As we have come to expect from the company's other terminal tackle offerings, the components on this head are top notch, and include a Mustad Ultra Point Heavy Wire hook and a SPRO ball bearing swivel attached to a willow leaf blade.


I was more familiar with the company's classic jigs and jighead design


Operation: One of the great things about underspins, like the Warbait offering, is the ability to rig whatever plastic bait that you choose. Different sized and weighted jigheads allow you to not only pair plastics of similar dimensions, but also enables anglers to target fish at multiple depths and via a variety of retrieve rates.


 I already had confidence with the traditional jighead/swimbait tail combos and at first fished the underspin the same way with limited results. These baits need to be fished differently but offer anglers a very effective weapon for targeting suspended bass


My favorite baits to fish with the Warbaits ultimately turned out to be 3.8 or 4.8 Jackall Rhythm Wave lures or similarly sized Keitech Swing Impact and Swing Impact FAT swimbaits. These plastics are both very soft and will swing aggressively as they retrieved. The Warbait willow blade also rotates quickly, even during slow retrieves, thanks to the quality SPRO swivel, and I like how the angled wire positions the blade closer to the center of the plastic.  


 One of my favorite combos was pairing the Warbait head with a Jackall Rhythm Wave swimbait


While I found the combined baits to be relatively effective in shallow water where baitfish were present, one of the very best uses of these baits is to target bass that are suspended. Even in cold water conditions where I would normally resort to a drop shot rig, the Warbaits underspin was able to deliver strikes, as long as I experimented with my retrieves.


I would typically start with a straight retrieve, then vary the speed, and if that didn't work would proceed to shift to pauses and jerks. Once I was able to entice a fish to bite that same retrieve usually worked for the rest of the day.


Like drop shot fishing use your electronics to find the suspended bass and put the bait into the baitball or right on top of the fish


Much like drop shot fishing I found the fish finder extremely useful when targeting suspended bass with this bait and technique. If you have a Hydrowave turn it on as well! Yes, this is the very definition of "video game" fishing, and once you determine where the fish are holding proceed to cast the rigged Warbait Underspin past those suspended bass, and retrieve over them, or directly through any bait balls.


 If a straight retrieve doesn't work then don't be afraid to vary that retrieve or pause the bait allowing it to sink and flash more erratically, this sometimes can trigger strikes

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