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Warbaits Puts a Spin on Swimbait Jigheads (continued)


Though many anglers reserve underspin use for crystal clear water conditions I found that the Warbaits are able to draw strikes in stained water as long as there was bright sunlight. If the water is muddy you are going to be better off with a lure that makes more noise or displaced more water, like chatterbait, but it certainly is worth making a few casts with the Warbait even if the water is not crystal clear. Fish always seem to have better eyesight than we think they do in dirty water.


 The baits are available in a wide variety of sizes and patterns


If the water that you are targeting is full of snaggy structure Warbaits does offer underspins with a weedguard. Overall the baits exhibit the same general action, though I still prefer the non-weedguard version in most situations, simply because it looks more natural and I typically utilize the baits higher up in the water column.


The Warbait pairs well with a wide variety of soft swimbaits and enables anglers to cover a lot of water and fish at varying depths. Here I caught a fish experimenting with Doomsday Tackle 4.8 Little Boy swimbaits


The times that the bait did come in contact with structure the paint took minimal damage, and the painted surfaces provided additional protection to the actual jighead core from denting or scuffing. The Mustad Ultra Point hook stayed sharp through multiple fish, and is more than strong enough to withstand sets and prolonged battles with larger fish. In most cases I prefer not to set hard with these baits, and much like when fishing a normal paddletail, simply continuing to crank on your reel and allow the fish to really engulf the bait to keep them pinned.


This is not the bait to use to practice those pro style swings, and I had to remind myself not to set aggressively, as this would usually result in losing more fish. When you feel that thump simply keep calm and crank on.  


One of the things that I had to keep telling myself was to resist setting the hook to aggressively. Simply keep calm and crank on when you feel that subtle strike


Price and Applications: You would think that underspins like the Warbaits could replace jigheads completely, and though they are very similar, they are truly a very different bait. The traditional Warbait jigheads performed more similarly to shallow fished swimbaits, while the underspins worked better in deeper water. It was interesting to me that at varying times and temperatures one or the other clearly outperformed the other. It just goes to show that fish are finicky, especially when pressured or in cooler water, and it is important to have both traditional and underspin jigheads in your arsenal to effectively play on the triggers that are going to work on the conditions of that given day. 


Fished effectively these baits offer anglers another option to drop shot and spoons when targeting finicky suspended bass


Overall the Warbaits underspin offering is stellar. Not only is the design easy to pair with just about any swimbait, but I found hookup rates and the overall durability of the jigheads excellent as well. Warbaits has over-engineered these heads so that they will hold up to inshore fishing, so it is no surprise that they stand up to largemouth bass so well.


Another nice thing about these baits is that they can be fished with just about any rod, and I enjoyed fishing the baits with both casting and spinning gear


In terms of price the Warbaits Underspins, both the standard and weedguard models, retail for $8.99 each, which puts them on the more expensive side when compared with many other competing offerings. There are lot of options available to anglers, but when it comes to profile and quality the Warbait offering is among the most realistic and natural looking, and is loaded with quality hardware. I really like how natural plastics look when rigged on the Warbait head design, and the junction between the plastic and the head is more seamless than most heads that have a thinner or more tapered rear profile.


Bass are not the only fish that will hit these baits


While expensive I definitely think that anglers are getting proper value with the Warbaits, and unlike many other contact jigs you won't be losing many of these underspins when fished correctly. While they are great for smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing I also found, through multiple accidental by-catches, that they were also quite effective at drawing strikes from other sunfish, including Crappie and Shellcrackers. If you plan on targeting these smaller species simply downsize your jighead and swimbait accordingly.  



Warbaits Underspin Heads Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Excellent overall construction and quality hook and swivel components 9
Performance Once you learn how to effectively fish underspins these baits will perform beautifully. At first I just started fishing them like normal paddletails with limited success but once I started actively targeting suspended fish and varying my retrieves I was impressed how well they baits worked. My go to plastics with this jighead are now Keitech Swing Impact and Jackall Rhythm Wave swimbaits 8.5
Price These are definitely on the premium side when it comes to underspin prices, but I think the design and quality is worth the extra two dollars 7
Features Mustad Ultra Point hooks and a SPRO swivel are nice additions and the powder coated finishes are both attractive and durable 8
Design (Ergonomics) Overall easy to rig and fish, just make sure to not set like a madman to keep those fish pinned. This is a lesson I learned the hard way only after losing a number of fish 9
Application Great for largemouth, spotted bass, smallmouth and other sunfish. Many anglers also effectively use them for inshore fish as well 9

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

+ Quality construction and top notch components - More expensive than most underspins
+ Finishes hold up well over time  
+ Good for targeting suspended fish  
+ One of the most natural looking and easy to rig underspins available  


Conclusion: It has been much too long since we last reviewed a Warbait product, nine years to be exact, and it really isn't a surprise that the company has continued to refine and improve their offerings. The Warbait Underspins make use of excellent components, and are available in just about every pattern and blade color combination that bass anglers would want to effectively match the hatch.


Warbaits delivers a quality underspin and I make sure to carry one or two of these baits in my boat at all times now to mix up my presentations when targeting suspended fish


Like most other baits there is a time and place where underspins like the Warbaits perform best, and when it comes to targeting cruising bass I was really pleased how well the baits worked, and offered a much needed change from my personal over-reliance on drop shot rigs and spoons.


There are a lot of underspins on the market but few that are as refined as the Warbait offering, and I really appreciate how well they pair with so many different swimbaits. While I would make sure to have both traditional and underspin jigheads in your tackle box to be ready for any situation, it definitely is worth putting in the time to learn how to effectively fish these hybrid style baits. Not only will you be able to effectively fish swimbaits in more applications, but will possess another deadly technique for targeting those often hard to catch suspended fish.   


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