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Stylish polarized sunglasses that fit over prescription glasses – Live Eyewear’s Vistana (continued)

As a daily wear, the Vistana does well for driving and during other outdoor activities. On days where you get both sun and rain, the reflection from the wet road and bright sunlight can really make the driving conditions tough. Met with these conditions during some recent rains, after I put the sunglasses on my eyes were immediately relieved with better visibility and I was able to continue and drive safely.

So what about the DBT? The new DBT feature on the Vistana is excellent. With the Cocoons, the way they incorporated the side shields into the frame created a blind spot. DBT takes care of that issue on the Vistana by eliminating the side shields and wrapping the Polare lens all the way around. This allows anglers to see at a wider angle while fishing, running the boat, or driving.


The Flex2Fit is durable and can be bent repeatedly


Durability: Ever been on a boat with excited anglers when someone is battling a big fish and someone else is scrambling around trying to get the net opened to land the fish? Well, that happened during one of my recent trips, and when hearts are pumping during an event like this, anything goes. We’ll step and walk through anything to land that lunker. Well, this wasn’t an intentional test for my new pair of Vistana, but on a recent trip at around sunset, Cal catches a big one. I scramble to get the net ignoring cameras and other gear laying around the seats. After landing the big bass, we evaluated the damage and found a bent up pair of sunglasses. They were my Vistanas. My poor Vistana was the thought that went through my mind. Well, to make the long story short, the bent portion of these shades was the ear piece and after bending it back and adjusting the Flex2Fit temples, the Vistana wears like new. Surprisingly the sunglasses didn’t break away at the hinge and with closer inspection it wasn’t even cracked nor did it show any signs of damage.


A durable material is used to make the Vistana frames

How durable are the Polare lenses? First I have to tell you that because I wear prescription glasses, I treat all my glasses, including sunglasses with much care because they are my eyes. I do everything I can to not get them into situations where my “eyes” would get scratched. But to further that protection I always purchase lenses like a polycarbonate material that’s scratch resistant. The Polare lenses are similar where these polarized OveRx material is designed to be scratch resistant and fair well at those times where you might accidentally send your sunglasses onto the pavement.


The Vistana OveRX polarized sunglasses are great for anglers who need to wear their prescription glasses



Live Eyewear Vistana Ratings (?/10)


Fabricated out of durable material and is of high quality

Performance Great protection against sun and wind along with reducing glare and eye strain thanks to the polarized UV blocking lenses 8.5
Price Anglers who have to wear prescription glasses don’t have many choices for sunglasses that fit over, so we are willing to pay for the ones that fit and work well. $49.99 isn’t bad considering how much some normal sunglasses cost, and only $10 more than the Cocoons 9.0
Features These OveRx sunglasses incorporate some features that help in performance, fit, and comfort such as being polarize, blocks UV rays, Flex2Fit temples for easy adjustment, and more 8.0
Design (Ergonomics)

Vistanas are made stylish and fitting. These frames, which comes in all sizes to fit any prescription glasses, are sleek and smooth and fits comfortably well


These are great for anglers and outdoor adventurers who wears prescription glasses. It’s also a nice wraparound frame for those who don’t wear glasses but want great protection


Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Stylist design L Gray lenses could be darker
J Sleek and aerodynamic  
J Comfortable over your glasses  
J No more blind spot  

Conclusion: Eye protection, especially for those anglers who require prescription glasses, is crucial to prevent any further degradation to our precious eye sight. Live Eyewear, makers of the popular Cocoons, has introduced a new pair of shades called Vistana. The Vistana sunglasses address some issues that some Cocoons users had such as the blind spot and the non-stylist design. These new pair of sunglasses now use Live Eyewear’s DBT process to wrap the lens all the way around, creating a wider view for anglers and now you can see clearly from the  corners of their eyes. For anglers or everyday users who like the FitOvers or Cocoons, you will surely find the Vistanas an upgrade to your current pair. These are the most stylish, over prescription polarized sunglasses out there, and performance and application wise they are great, and well deserving of my Editor’s Choice award. Polarized, protective, and stylish is what us anglers who wear prescription glasses long for, and now, thanks to the Vistana, it’s all right before our eyes.













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