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Fly Storage Review

Carry your fly rod and still have two hands free with the Tulli FRR Sling (continued)

With our hands free it was easy to get from the car to the river, or cross the river with our hands free to use a wading staff or simply maintain balance. The sling also proved useful when changing out flies, all we need to do was drop it into the sling while we addressed the fly at the end of the line. When not in use you can simply tuck the strap into the empty reel pouch and attach it to the side of your vest via the loop.


The FRR sling can be hung inside a SUV with the same shoulder strap


The pouch offers up plenty of protection from simply placing your outfit on abrasive surfaces, or if accidentally dropped. Another use for the sling is to protect your reel from scratches in the back of your truck when changing locations on the river, or hanging it in a SUV from garment hooks. Overall we found the FRR sling both easy to use and reliable. The only thing we would love to see is a wide shoulder pad that could slide up and down the strap. This would make it easier to balance the rig in place, as well as add extra comfort.


A look from the top shows the ring attachments


Durability: The FRR sling is constructed out of 600D polyester fabric and all stress areas, like the corners of the pouch, or the flap are all reinforced. We dropped, threw, and even rolled reels in the FRR pouch down a riverbank. While the FRR got a bit dirty there was absolutely no damage done to our Ross test reel. The FRR sling does the brand proud and is equally as durable as the company’s award winning chest pack.


The FRR Sling can also be carried on your back with the same shoulder strap

Price & Applications: Third party fly reel covers alone retail for an average of 7-9 dollars depending on brand and material. The Tulli FRR sling retails for only $14.95, a very reasonable price for a product that not only protects your reel but also helps fly fishermen become even more mobile. If you are already an owner of existing Tulli solutions like the Horizon chest pack the FRR Sling can integrate seamlessly into the system and double up as an extra reel holster.


Tulli FRR Sling Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The FRR sling is built with quality materials and is designed to take plenty of abuse 9
Performance The Tulli FRR Sling is a simple yet very clever product. It performs exactly like it is designed to and in our tests it was easy to use, and also increased angler mobility by freeing up our hands while standing still or on the go 9
Price Standard reel carries cost just under 10 dollars a piece, the FRR only costs 5 dollars more and has a lot more features than you average reel pouch 9
Features More than just a reel pouch the FRR Sling is the Swiss Army knife of fly reel storage 9
Design (Ergonomics) The FRR Sling is easy to carry, and most fly outfits are quite light. To make it even more ergonomic and easy to balance outfits on shoulders an enlarged pad would be great 8.5
Application Finally a innovative product designed just for fly fishermen. The FRR sling is limited to fly outfits but is good for carrying a wide range of fly reels and rod sizes 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Clever design, integrates with Tulli Vest L Would love an adjustable shoulder pad
J Protects reels well  
J Increases angler mobility  
J Reasonable Price  

The FRR Sling may seem like a simple product, but that’s part of the appeal of this new solution. It is effortless to use, and offers tangible benefits to fly anglers without a major investment. While I have a baitcaster for just about every occasion, and then some, I also just have a handful of fly reels which I baby and count on season after season. The FRR Sling makes it easier than ever to protect those valuable reels while out on the water, and now with my hands free while carrying my fly outfit at the same time I can spend even more time enjoying the entire experience…whether it is taking pictures or just eating my lunch.












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