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Fishing Lure (Norman DD Series) The "Year of the Crank" forced us to select a crankbait in this category and Zander got his way on this particular pick. No expensive import lure here, just the humble yet reliable Norman DD series of deep diving crankbaits. This is the lure that Zander has caught more fish on than all other tested crankbaits combined, and is also a top pick for pros including Randy McAbee, who is famous for fishing crankbaits with money on the line.


Ms. Casey opens up a box filled with Normans...


What makes the Norman DD14 and DD22 so good are that they get down quickly and are ideal for working around structure. The side to side wobble and rattle is usually enough to incite strikes from as deep as 20+ feet down. When you are cranking deep down there will be times when you lose your bait to snags and the good thing about Normans is that they are among the most aggressively priced baits in the class at only $4.99 a piece. The Norman DD Series is available at Tackle Warehouse for a discounted price of $4.39 in a dizzying array of patterns.  


...and gives a new meaning to "bite the bait!"


Fishing Lure (Yamamoto Flappin Hog II) It's Baaaaaaaack! The Flappin' Hog returns after a short hiatus with redesigned flaps that increase motion and vibration in the water. There are three appendages on this bait, all of which have distinct movement when the lure is moved. Though there are a lot of appendages on this bait all of them are angled away from the direction of movement so that the Flappin' Hog II can better navigate tight structure. 


The Yamamoto Flappin' Hog is back!


This creature bait is smaller than the Yamamoto Kreature and can be fished either alone or as a trailer on a jig or spinnerbait. Yamamoto also offers a new swimming jighead which is ideal for rigging the Flappin' Hog II for pitching and flipping.


Yamamoto also offers new jigheads that pair nicely with the Flappin' Hog II


Available in all the colors that anglers love in Gary Yamamoto's lineup these lures come seven per pack, and retails for $6.49 but Tackle Warehouse is offering the baits for a discounted price. 


The girls prepare to introduce more products in Part II of our Summer Buyers Guide


Were just getting started! Join us for Part II of our Summer Buyers Guide when the TT Girls introduce the picks for categories including swimbait reel and rod, swimbaits, line, terminal tackle, storage, tools, and optics.










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