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Lure Review

When bass desire a big meal, look to the Strike Pro DD72

Date: 10/21/04
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Strike Pro
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.25

Introduction: Large crankbaits can be extremely effective especially when bass are after larger baitfish. The Strike Pro DD72 is a excellent lure choice when the bass are aggressive. We take a look at what this enormous lipped crankbait can do in the water.


Strike Pro DD72 Specifications

Type Crankbait
Depth 10ft
Class Floating
Colors/Patterns 17 available
Size 2 3/4" (13/16oz)
Hook sizes #4
Price $9.29


The Strike Pro DD72 has a nice finish and sports sharp VMC trebles

Impressions: Crankbaits can be a great search tool and using the right size can mean getting a couple strikes or none at all. Today these lures come in all sizes and variations that allow us to pick the proper crankbait per situation. We take a look at the DD72 by Strike Pro. First impressions were that this crankbait is huge. The body is hefty and the lip is large and long. The finish on the DD72 is nice and neatly crafted with consistent and attractive patterns. To top it off the Strike Pro lure uses realistic eyes and razor-sharp VMC hooks that catch when you run them over your thumbnail.


Complete Rig for DD72

Rod AiRRUS Spectra (SPC701M-AFT)
Reel Quantum Energy PT (E640PT)
Line 12 lb. Sufix ProMix

Real World Tests: Rigged on an AiRRUS Spectra crankbait rod paired with a low 4.4:1 ratio Quantum PT baitcaster, we set out to test the DD72 Fire Tiger pattern on local lakes in search of bass. With a lure this size, it's best to use it when the fish want to strike at larger baitfish, so remember to "match the hatch."


Realistic eyes make the lure more attractive to aggressive predators


Casting: The DD72 is no small crankbait and must be paired with a matching rod to make accurate and comfortable casts. The Spectra AFT rod in medium is great for casting this big guy with a double handed grip. If you try to cast this 13/16 lures all day single handed, it will easily wear your wrist down. Using a rod with a long handle will allow you to whip the crankbait faraway or toss it gently to target adjacent spots.


Retrieving: Most people use a slow retrieve ratio reel when employing crankbaits. We found that using a slow speed baitcaster such as the Quantum Energy PT in 4.4:1 ratio was much more comforting when retrieving the Strike Pro DD72. The lip on the DD72 is substantial, measuring 1 and 3/4 inches in length. When cranked it does generate plenty of resistance in the water, but the right rod  and a slow powerful low ratio baitcast reel makes working the DD72 unproblematic.


A large bill and uniform profile ensures good action while having a diving depth of 10ft using 12lb test fishing line


When retrieved, the lure produces an active motion even at slower speeds. The rattle system is loud and is a nice addition to entice strikes. The body of the lure is manufactured uniform and runs straight each time it hits the water. Using 12 pound test Sufix ProMix line, the DD72 dives quickly and can achieve a maximum depth of about 9 to 10 feet. This lure is most effective fishing at these depths and when digging at the bottom or bouncing directly off structure.


Use the DD72 effective when bass are chasing bigger baitfish

 The finish on the Strike Pro DD72 crankbait is well coated and can take on plenty of punishment without ensuing damage. The crankbait didn't show any signs of cracking nor did the paint chip off when we deliberately cast the lure into rocky edges. The hooks are extremely sharp and will last fish after fish, but will scratch the paint on the belly and side of the lure after prolonged use.


Strike Pro DD72 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Manufactured very well with quality components and sports a quality finish 9
Performance The DD72 runs true, dives to 10ft with 12lb test line, and gives off good action when retrieved slowly 8
Price Strike Pro lures are consider premium lures and sports a better finish and components.  Compared to competitors the price is good but hard for people to swallow that much money especially when the 3-5 dollar lures are very similar 8
Features Just like other crankbaits, this lure features a rattle system, realistic eyes, good hooks, and 8 coats of paint 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) Designed very similar to other well performing crankbaits, but this one has a large bill to get it down quick 8
Application Not a crankbait I would toss off the bat unless I knew the bass were after larger baitfish, but when the fish are aggressive and are chasing good sized baitfish, this is the go-to lure for both big and small bass 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Casts easy and far L Not applicable at all times
J Great for bass that wants a big meal L Big bill can cause much stress on your wrists if you don't have the right rod and reel setup
J Nice finish  
J Quality hooks  

Conclusion: Crankbaits are a good search tool and having one size just simply isn't enough. It's beneficial to have many different sizes and designs, ones to target different depths and so forth.  But at times it is important to toss a lure that matches the size of the baitfish the bass are really after. When fish want a big offering, take a look at the Strike Pro DD72 which feature a large profile with a huge bill to really get it moving. This crankbait has a nice finish and uses quality components.  The action when retrieved with a low ratio baitcast reel is good and features additional enticing audible rattles. Though not applicable at all times, the DD72 is a worthy crankbait to have in your tackle box when the fish demand a bigger meal.









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