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Lure Review

The Snag Proof Wiggle Wog, an exciting new top water bass lure

Date: 11/17/03
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Snag Proof
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.58

Introduction: Froggin' has to be one of the most fun ways to catch a largemouth bass. Even with missed explosive strikes beneath the lure, it's a heart pounding to experience, and just wait until you hook up.  While scores of anglers use Snag Proof frogs on a regular basis, few have yet to exploit the new Wiggle Wog. We take a look at the Wiggle Wog and test this lure in both heavy cover and open water settings.


Snag Proof Wiggle Wog Specifications

Class Top water
Material Plastic
Colors/Patterns 6 available
Size 4 1/2" (3/8oz)
Hook size 4/0 double hook
Price $6.95

Impressions: Frog fishing in the Fall can be very productive as many of the thickest weed patches begin to die down as the cooler weather arrives. The thinner vegetation provides a great setting to target Bass that are holding in and around the exposed weed line.


Snag Proof's new Wiggle Wog is part frog and part swimbait


The Wiggle Wog offers more then traditional "frogging" action due to it's distinctive design. Weedless it is, and the addition of the swim tail makes this top water tadpole-like lure even more effective in open water situations. The Wiggle Wog comes in 6 distinctive colors, featuring a 4/0 Owner double hook that's exceptionally sharp, and an internal glass rattle for an added element of sound.


Complete Rig for Wiggle Wog Tests

Rod Kistler KMT66MH
Reel Quantum Energy PT
Line 30lb Power Pro

Field Tests: We set out on a few days in the mid-Fall targeting largemouth bass ready around different types of cover on numerous local reservoirs and the vast California Delta.


The Wiggle Wogs sit naturally afloat and is effective in open water


Casting: What a sight it is to see the Wiggle Wog take flight across the sky and flops onto a pad of vegetation. Its elliptical body design casts nicely with the tail portion creating only minimal drag. If you're used to tossing the Snag Proof Tournament Frog in the 1/2oz, then you will need to make a slight adjustment because the Wiggle Wog only comes in a 3/8oz. That's why I opted to use Power Pro 30/8 instead of the 12lb test co-polymer line I am so used to using. While fishing in the California Delta waters, pitching and flipping into thick vegetation, tules, and underneath overhanging trees weren't a problem with this tadpole looking like lure.  Its weedless design provides confident and a worry-free day casting into some of the nastiest snagging zones.


Retrieving: The Wiggle Wog was designed to be used in multiple ways.  Fish it as you would with any weedless frog. Toss it out there and let it sit for a while. Then either twitch it slightly or start working it slowly back towards you. The Snag Proof Wiggle Wog can be worked the same way with great results as we hooked up on bass blowing up through the weeds to engulf this enticing lure.


Inside this transparent Wiggle Wog, you can see the glass rattle that gives the lure some audible clicks as you retrieve it


Aside from weed beds, the Wiggle Wog is also effective in open pockets, or even open water because the swim tail provides active kicking action as seen on swimbaits. With a constant slow retrieve, proceed to work the lure on the edge of vegetation, stumps, and other underwater structure. The Wiggle Wog provides good tail whipping action, clicks from its implanted glass rattle, and the best thing of all is that this lure is weedless. Aside from a slow retrieve, you can crank it fast to make the Wiggle Wog swim just beneath the surface of the water. I was able to get the lure to run like a swimbait about 1 foot below, and if I wanted it to dive deeper, dipping the rod tip underwater did the trick nicely.


Strikes from largemouth bass are quite explosive as they try to engulf the tempting meal that's too good to pass


Hookin' Up: During the field tests the Wiggle Wog attracted many fish both engulfing the entire lure and also ones that striked at the tail portion only, missing the hook completely. But that's one thing you'll have to sacrifice while fishing top water weedless lures.  The chances of hooking up is less, but the excitement is thrilling. With the Snag Proof Tournament Frog, I trimmed the skirts shorter and increased my chances of bringing a fish to the boat. But with the Wiggle Wog, that's not possible and sometimes the fish would grab the tail and run, and as you set the hook only to see the Wiggle Wog sail right back in the air. When you do end up getting a good hook set on a fish, it's very rewarding experience to have caught such a nice bass using the Wiggle Wog in places you wouldn't previously imagined.


Squeezing the flexible hollow soft plastic body does no harm to the lure as it just pops right back into its original shape.  Also notice the extremely sharp Owner hook

 If you're familiar with the Tournament Frog, then your learning curve for this new lure is very short. The Wiggle Wog is similar in that it's molded out of plastic. The plastic is quite durable. Even when bass grabs no harm is done thanks to the resilient plastic used to make this top water lure. 


Other things you might question are the hooks and the glass rattle system. The hooks are extremely sharp and have remained that way after many fish, and after a month of fishing the points remained razor-sharp. The glass rattle system takes on zero damage as it resides within the Wiggle Wog. Will the rattle ever fall out?  No, the only way you can remove the rattle is through the little hole where the hook comes through the rear portion of the lure.  This opening is tiny and snug, and the rattle remained in place during our field trials cast after cast.


Snag Proof Wiggle Wog Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Well made with flexible plastic that's durable and uses a premium Owner double hook 8.5
Performance A top water lure that's effective in and around weeds, and in open water with its wiggly tail action 9
Price The price falls right into the amount one would except to pay for their other top water frogs 8
Features Sporting a very sharp double hook, glass rattle system, and a paddle tail is what makes up this fun lure 8
Design (Ergonomics) A new yet attractive realistic design that fish won't wonder what the heck that is.  Designed to attract and catch fish and is weedless 9
Application A fun top water lure that's great in and around structure targeting largemouth bass that's ready to engulf this tadpole looking lure 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Effective in cover and open water L Tail slightly long
J Casts easy  
J Durable  
J Weedless design  

Conclusion: If frog fishing for bass is your game, then you should be very familiar with the name Snag Proof, the maker of the popular Tournament Frog that has become a choice lure for scores of anglers.  Their latest offering is something that is more than just "another" top water weedless lure. The all new Wiggle Wog, part frog and part swimbait, is another entertaining lure that effectively targets bass in waters that require a weedless design. This tadpole-like lure performs well on top or around heavy to light cover and proved to be effective in open water where the paddle tail kicks erratically like a plastic swimbait.  The Wiggle Wog is not only efficient for catching bass but is very fun to use. Any bass angler that fishes top water in the Spring and Fall should definitely include a Snag Proof Wiggle Wog into their top water bag of tricks.









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