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A shield from glare for anglers, Smithís VTi Interchangeable Performance Optics (continued)


Operation contd': I utilized the clear mirror lens the least, but I did find it very useful on one particular evening when Cal and I got carried away on fishing on Clear Lake. We got into our most productive spot late in the day and before we knew it the sun had just about set and we were miles away from the launch. No tint at all was a good thing as I simply needed wind protection as we made our way back in the dark. The clear mirror shield allowed me to make use of what little light was left without having squint as we powered home at full throttle.


Removing the lens shields takes seconds

Ergonomics: The VTi is very light, weighing at only 1oz., and the best thing about the VTi is that I barely felt it on my face, even after 8 hours straight on the water. The V Tiís frame weighs less than most pure plastic frames because it is primarily built out of ultra-light composite of Titanium/Beta Titanium temples and a Grilamid TR90 face front. The exceptional combination of these materials allows for a secure fit while maintaining comfort and easily interchanged lenses. 

The frame alone weighs only .5oz

I never seem to have problems with the weight on my nose, but with other heavy sunglasses the earpieces sometimes feel like they are actually digging in after time and the cradle of my ear can become sore. The VTi reduces the weight on the earpieces to a minimum while still making the optics fit securely. Smith was very serious about weight reduction and even ported out the center of the titanium temples. The titanium is rigid enough that the reduction of material did not impact the rigidity of the frame in any negative way.

The included copper carbonic polarized lens

While everyone will have a slightly different experience with the pressure from the temples I found the titanium design to deliver just the right amount of pressure and give, resulting in a secure yet comfortable fit.

The Ignitor lens is great for medium conditions (32% VLT)

The hydrophilic megol nosepieces do are very comfortable, and they are large enough that they hold the frames very securely in place. Even when plowing through rough water the VTi remained securely positioned on the bridge of my nose. This secure fit is also a major plus for anglers that trek or find themselves navigating streams, like fly anglers.

The Clear Mirror lens is good for low light and night conditions (70% VLT)

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