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A shield from glare for anglers, Smith’s VTi Interchangeable Performance Optics (continued)


Operation contd': The VTi looks extremely sleek, and would look right at home in cycling applications, but make no mistake this pair of sunglasses was designed for anglers. The lens options of polarized copper or polarized brown are designed to address the main spectrum of angling applications. These shades are designed to bring out details and eliminate glare from earliest light to sunset. Unlike very dark lenses that are best used in only bright light, or yellow and orange tinted polarized lenses which are optimal for low light conditions the main polarized shield on the VTi covers the main spectrum of angling conditions.


The VTi stays firmly on your face even when moving around quickly

The 7-base wrap-style lens features Smith Optics Tapered Lens Technology™ (TLT™), a precise thinning of the lens from the center to the edges that eliminates distortion commonly found in other sunglasses. Like any good pair of optics the VTi provides 100 percent protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

The reason they stay so firmly planted is due to the Megol nosepads

The VTi’s shields are among the largest physical lenses I have ever fished with, and do a great job covering my entire field of view, including peripheral vision. With the lenses being so large I was sure that I would experience some distortion in the corners of the lenses, a common problem among polycarbonate based lenses, but the tapered lens technology absolutely lives up to its claims. No matter which way you look, or where you position the VTi on your nose the field of view is clear and optically “warp” free.

A look at the hinge of the VTi, notice how there are additional angles, this helps protect the temple from vertical stress

I absolutely fell in love with the polarized brown shield, so much that I probably used it for 85% of the time during the test. The VTi effectively reduces glare on the water’s surface, helping me perceive underwater structure and conditions, as well as sight fish. When it came time to change lenses I found the VTi’s interchangeable design to be the fastest and easiest system I have tested to date. Changing lenses is made quicker since there is only one shield, and by pinching your finger on the edge of the sunglasses and pulling away from the frame it is easy to separate and replace the lens. In all it takes mere seconds to switch between shields, and the process can be done rather hastily as the frame never seems like it is being overly stressed. 

In our tests we took shots of the same landscape both alone and through the polarized lens shield. Notice how it is easier to distinguish details in the structure in bright light

When fishing in very low light conditions I turned to the reddish Ignitor lens, since eliminating glare became less important than perceiving details in the shoreline. The Ignitor lens helped bring out subtle details and it almost seemed like someone turned on a light in a dimly lit room.

With the VTi it is easier to spot the shadows of these two largemouth hovering beneath this dock

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