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Reel Review

Bigger and better, the Shimano Citica D edges into previous generation Curado territory (continued)

Durability: The new reel is definitely more durable than the previous one both inside and out. The larger gears hold up to abuse better, and the reel is devoid of any cheap looking molded plastic. In place of the black plastic knobs and drag star are nicely finished gold aluminum components. They not only look aesthetically pleasing but Shimano went a step further to minimize weight by drilling the handle shank for some weight reduction. While the reel is no featherweight by any means it is built like a tank.


Pop out the spool and get a better look the redesigned VBS

Price & Applications: Pricing wise Shimano has upped the price 20 dollars over the previous generation reel. This makes sense as the Citica caters to a new target audience while the Cruxis now addresses the very mainstream baitcast consumers. Is the reel worth the money? Letís just say this is a whole lot more reel than the old Citica B, and for 19 more dollars you are getting all metal construction, a big bearing boost, a superior drag, and a spool that you had to go all the way to the previous Curado SF to acquire.

The spool features porting inside the center for mass reduction

The Citicaís size and power makes it an excellent bass reel, but also a good reel for light salt species as well. The DPV model is ideal for species that require a little more muscle, but also make it easier to retrieve oversized full bodied cranks.

The reel features a sleeker more modern profile, one that will please anglers with larger hands


Coercing fish to the surface is made easier with the Citica's powerful "HEG" gearing



Shimano Citica D (CI200D) Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The build quality surprised us on the Citica, this is certainly a nice upgrade from the old 2 bearing reel which had plastic and graphite everywhere. The new reel is all about metal, and is built with very good tolerances for a reel in this price range 9
Performance The reel isn't as refined as a Curado but it is close. The Citica excels at power and while it doesn't feel as much like a finesse reel as it used to when it comes to solid gearing and a great drag the Citica is rock solid 8.5
Price A tough category...sure it got a price hike, but not nearly as much as the Curado D. The bottom line is whether or not the price increase is justified, and in the case  of the Citica D.... it is. 8
Features All the features you expect from a higher end Shimano Baitcaster have made their way into the Citica. Minus some of the refinement this reel could easily pass for a Chronarch just a few years back 9
Design (Ergonomics) Another tough category. The larger profile may be hard to accept for some anglers but Shimano brings them back with a recessed foot and superior ergonomics in every other way. Paired with the right rod the reel is certainly palmable, and actually will be more comfortable for anglers with larger hands 8.5
Application The Citica may not be as easy to palm as smaller reels but it has a great range thanks to the solid construction and powerful gearing. This is a reel that can be used for multiple species in fresh to saltwater environments 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Everything the old Citica was and encroaches on Curado space L No 100 size for anglers looking for a smaller palming reel
J Better build quality  
J Excellent materials, gone is the black plastic  
J Numerous technological upgrades  
J Multiple applications  
J Still a good value  

The Citica D is a quality reel any way you look at it. At 119.00 the Citica is a great investment for anglers that can accept the reelís slightly large dimensions. I would have loved to see a 100 size Citica, but then I am sure that this reel would cannibalize the Curado 100Dís position. Nonetheless the 200 size Citicas are a lot of reel for the money, and easily worth 129.00-149.00 dollars. If you are moving from a previous generation Curado to the Citica  you wonít be disappointed unless you really are dead set on a 100 sized reelÖ.if thatís the case you will have to pony up for the Curado D. The Citica is a fine reel, and stands up to the reputation of being a quality workhorse reel, one that will probably provide anglers with another decade of satisfaction. The Citica D is so good that it has peaked our interest about just how good the larger Curado 200D reels are, making this one of our next review priorities so stay tunedÖ.












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