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The Sea Eagle FoldCat, a fishing watercraft thatís exceptionally stable and quick to set up (continued)

Ergonomics: Ride on the FoldCat 375fc and youíll feel like youíre lying on a lounge chair. Ok, maybe not like a lounge chair but with the two swivel seats you can be on the Sea Eagle inflatable all day. The seats are well padded and supportive when you sit to fish or just while youíre relaxing, taking a break from it all. Our Pro Angler package comes with one pedestal which raises your seating position 7 inches which is even more comfortable while youíre fishing, rowing, or motoring.


Notice the ergonomic seats. They are well padded for comfort


The person in the front can put their feet on the foot rest bar


Four rod holders allow anglers to carry more rods with them. The quick lock and release design ensures that your rod will not accidentally fall out


In addition, when rowing the FoldCat the position of the oars are placed where you can maximum your power with each stroke of the arm and are at a level where we experienced a good comfortable level. Speaking of comfort level, we have to again mention the stability of the Sea Eagle FoldCat. Its stability plays an important role in ergonomics making casting, rowing, and just moving about on the FoldCat easier on your body without having to always counter-balance yourself.


Anglers can go into stealth mode by rowing right up to honey holes


The FoldCat motor mount can hold an electric trolling motor or a gas power motor up to 3HP or 45 pounds max


Application: This watercraft is large when inflated, but when packed it can be taken to any of your favorite fishing locations. Though we only tested the FoldCat in local lakes there have been reports of anglers using this Sea Eagle in river, delta waterways, inside harbors, and even in bays on calm days. And since you can attach a decent size motor to it you have the capability to cover more fishing grounds with a hydrodynamic catamaran-like designed watercraft.


With a motor the FoldCat will allow you to traverse vast distances...and if your motor runs out of juice you can always revert to rowing, which isn't bad at all thanks to the FoldCat's hydrodynamic design



Sea Eagle FoldCat (375fc) Ratings (?/10)


Great construction thatís sound and uses all quality components for a long lasting inflatable such as the aluminum flooring and reinforced 1000 Denier hull material


Stability is excellent on this inflatable. Either motoring or rowing maneuvering it across the water isnít an issue

Price Inflatable pontoon boats similar to the FoldCat have a wide range of price. Some single person units are even more expensive than the Sea Eagle while some are cheaper, and many two man pontoons are more expensive. Itíll depend on how you use the inflatable because the FoldCat is the most portable even compared to some of the rigid-framed single angler pontoons 8
Features The Pro Angler package comes with everything you need to get on the water with accessories to get you moving, to hold your fishing gear, and more 9
Design (Ergonomics) Ergonomic wise the FoldCat is quite comfortable to be on, especially when youíre sitting on those padded swivel seats. The stability and having a solid floor to stand on makes it even more comfortable for an angler when fishing 9
Application The ability to roll it up and transport it allows an angler to take it anywhere they would like to launch and fish. Fish with the FoldCat in rivers, lakes, waterways, and even in the harbor and bays on calm days. Being able mount a motor to it will get you around in larger bodies of water 9.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Extremely stable L Person in front will get wet in choppy waters
J Package comes with everything to get you fishing  
J Quick to deploy  
J Portable  
J Great built quality  
J Cuts through the water  

Conclusion: Our first impressions of the FoldCat at ICAST was good, and after a closer look and from the performance weíve experienced during our on-the-water tests, we have to give the new Sea Eagle inflatable two thumbs up. The FoldCat 395fc is constructed out of quality components and hull material that will surely last. The big pontoons keep the entire watercraft high above water and its hydrodynamic design allows it to cut through water either when powered by motor or being rowed. Whatís really amazing about this inflatable watercraft is its stability. The wide catamaran-like design plus the aluminum floor slats and other supports keeps the FoldCat from wobbling uncontrollably, and allows both anglers to stand up to fish. Now that weíve completed our tests we are even more impressed with this design. Sea Eagle offers three FoldCat packages to choose from, all have the necessities to get your on the water and fishing quickly.


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