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The Secret is out – Secret Weapon Lures revolutionizes Spinnerbaits (continued)

Retrieve: While it is already entertaining to customize your own lures the excitement really begins once you start reeling the spinnerbait back to you. Anglers used to fishing spinnerbaits will notice that these lures create more commotion in the water than your average bait. The secret rests in the unique arm and blade design. Unlike other spinners that rely on swivels the inline blades produce greater vibration and track better while at the same time emitting a wake unlike any other spinnerbait. The lure can be customized to be a slow roller or a burner. We noticed that during our tests the SWL rolls over less than our traditional spinners. We attribute this to the higher position of the blades coupled with the fact that they are inline and free floating. When it came to fishing drops we also observed that both of the SWL’s blades would spin during the drop which is unusual, since with most spinnerbaits only the rear larger blade will rotate.


My customized favorite combo...

Just hours after fishing the SWL baits I was already a fan of the interchangeable system. In varying parts of the Delta the water clarity can vary greatly, as well as the vegetation. During our initial tests JIP fished a traditional spinner and I was able to draw more strikes with a few minor tweaks right on the water. When in murkier water in the sloughs we noticed how much less effective JIP’s smaller bladed bait was. In this situation high vibration and greater sound output is desirable. I upsized both blades in my setup and sure enough my strike ratio increased.

The Secret Weapon churns the water more than average spinners

Another interesting observation is that on six out of seven field tests the SWL showcased a higher hookup ratio when fished by the same editor. We turned our engineers back to the lure to find out why. Other spinners we used featured many of the same sized blades and even an identical hook. The answer is the design of the arm/blade design. If you look at most spinnerbaits they feature a symmetrical “V” shaped design. The metal arms that hold the blades on the SWL also act as spacers between the blades themselves. This entire arm is flexible, like a joint, and as a result can be knocked in any direction during the strike, whereas with a normal spinner if a fish hits the blade high the fixed wire can get in the way.

A Delta bass taken on the Secret Weapon

Durability: The SWL spinners we tested were put through the ringer. Because most anglers intentionally put their spinnerbaits in harms way in an effort to pull fish out of structure we stress tested the spinners by casting them repeatedly into rocky shorelines. The lures held up very well under duress, and even after weeks of fishing the lures the powder coated paint job looked excellent. There were the normal kicks and scratches but no flaking or gouges in the head. The Mustad hook point remained very sharp on our test lures, no sharpening was required, and there was never any sign of rust.

After stress testing and numerous fish the Secret Weapon looks as good as new

Overall the lures held up as good as the average spinnerbait, but when it comes to maintenance they really shine. On a traditional spinnerbait the quality of bearings has a lot to do with how true and how well the bait runs without rolling over. With the SWL design each and every lure we tested ran very true, even when piggybacked with some vegetation. Conventional spinnerbaits are also harder to keep in pristine condition. All spinners take on damage to both the blades and the skirts, but unlike the SWL these components cannot be swapped out in a matter of seconds.

Catching bass is even more satisfying when landed with your own customized creation. With Secret Weapon Spinners anglers can build the exact bait they require for any blade application


Price & Applications: Secret Weapon Spinnerbaits are sold by a number of retailers and online via the company’s own store. The baits come in a variety of different configurations ranging from a single bait for $7.99, to a mini kit which is a single spinner plus 4 interchangeable blades for $10.99, to complete 57 piece Pro Pack for 99 dollars. My recommendation is to start with a mini kit, and move up to a Pro Pack if you like the mini kit. The Pro Pack is a tinker’s dream. You can mix and match skirts, blades, and heads in countless configurations. The Pro Pack comes loaded in a Plano 3650 box which fits nicely in many bags. Premium spinnerbaits routinely sell for 7.99 and up, and while 99 dollars for the Pro Pack may seem like a big investment it really isn’t when you consider what you are getting for your money. 


The Pro Pack includes:
(1) Secret Weapon boat decal
(2) 3/16-ounce spinnerbaits
(4) 5/16-ounce spinnerbaits
(2) 9/16-ounce spinnerbaits
(8) Alternative silicone skirts
(4) Mustad Ultra-point trailer hooks with keeper tabs
(36) Quick-clip blade attachments


This one kit can replace all your other spinnerbaits and give you the ability to tailor your baits anywhere. So for the price of roughly 10-12 normal spinnerbaits you have a complete system of baits that can actually do more than the average off the shelf lure. The ability to really get creative is what I like most about these lures. You can choose to run a single blade, a tandem, or even build yourself a triple blade to simulate a school of baitfish. The ability to up and downsize the lure quickly makes this a fantastic spinnerbait for Largemouth bass, Crappie, Walleye, and even Pike, Muskie, and even Redfish and Snook. When it comes to versatility no other spinnerbait even comes remotely close.



Secret Weapon Spinnerbait Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Excellent build quality on the heads and blades. The silicon skirts are also finished well and match up nicely when customizing baits 9
Performance This spinnerbait offers numerous advantages that come along with the ability to customize the lure. The Secret Weapon tracks better than most spinners, and both blades spin on the drop 9
Price This is an interesting category for this bait. If you look at the single unit price the bait looks expensive and is more than your average spinner. But if you look at the bait from the perspective that it can actually replace a number of spinners due to the bait's ability to create unlimited options of baits then the bait is well worth the money. One Pro Pack can easily replace a box full of tr5aditional spinners 8.5
Features Feature-wise this is the most feature rich spinnerbait we have ever seen. The ability to customize this bait is unmatched by any other blade 9.5
Design (Ergonomics) Customizing SWL spinners is both quick and easy. So easy that customization can be done in seconds right on the water 9
Application The Secret Weapon spinner can be used in any situation a normal spinner can be run in and more. Due to the lure's ability to be customized it is now easier than ever to run the exact right color, blade type, and weight 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Not just another traditional spinnerbait L Price is high if you are looking at a single unit
J Innovative design, premium components-24K gold plated blades  
J Tracks very well  
J Both blades spin on the drop  
J Pro Pack gives anglers unprecedented freedom to have the perfect blade for every occassion  

Conclusion: There are baits that we say are designed to catch fisherman more than fish. In the case of Secret Weapon spinnerbaits I can honestly say these baits manage to appeal to both anglers and their quarry equally. These lures are the first spinnerbait that I can honestly say I have gotten excited about testing. Not only do they offer a unique new tool to really “match the hatch,” they also are engineered with many advantages. Superior action, increased displacement, better hookups, and extreme versatility are all functional advantages of the Secret Weapon Spinnerbaits. The overall implementation of this bait is exceptional. There are many products that are engineered well in theory, but not implemented well. The SWL bucks that trend in a big way. Not only does the lure function well but the blades, skirts, and heads showcase a premium design and finish. While they may cost more per unit than the average spinnerbait they also offer a lot more and can actually be more economical than a box full of baits if you consider how quickly and easily you can create vast assortment of spinners. Bob Rickard, the inventor of Secret Weapon Lures, has a real gem on his hands with the radical SWL design. So good in fact that we are doing something we previously thought would be unachievable, awarding our esteemed TT Innovation Award to for a spinnerbait! The SWL is just that good, and bass everywhere beware, the "Secret" is out…











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