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Hot New Reels, Sizes, and PT Technologies from Quantum in 2010 (continued)

Micro PT Spinning Reels: Ever since their introduction I've been a big fan of the Quantum PT spinning reels, and continue to use the 10 size for most of my ultralight applications. A true ultralight junkie wouldn't consider the 10 size small enough in profile as it holds more line than most anglers would ever need for fishing for panfish or small trout. That's to change with Quantum's new truly ultralight spinning reel, the Micro Energy PT.


Ultralight sized Energy PT spinning reel


Micro Energy PT Spinning: The new 05 size Micro PT is a true ultralight spinning reel with 100 yards of 4 pound test monofilament. It's constructed from a solid aluminum frame and side cover, comes finished with the company's popular Titanium vacuum deposition coating, Micro PT ceramic drag system, Titanium bail wire, and 8 PT Polymer-Stainless bearings with Infinite Anti-Reverse. The tiny Energy PT size 05 features a 5.2:1 gear ratio and weighs in at only 6 ounces. This new feature packed micro spinning reel will retail for $139.95.


Kinetic PT 05 size spinning reel weighs only 5.9 ounces


Micro Kinetic PT Spinning: The Kinetic PT spinning series offers the best value of all the PT spinning reels. You get almost the same reel in terms of ergonomics and features as its siblings with the lower cost, that is if you don't mind sacrificing minimal amounts from its overall performance. The new micro sized Kinetic PT spinning reel has the same profile as the Energy PT in the 05 size. The only difference is that this reel has 6 PT Polymer-Stainless bearings with Infinite Anti-Reserve, and doesn't have the Titanium vacuum deposition coating. The Kinetic PT weighs in at 5.9 ounces and will retail for the aggressive price of only $79.95.


Accurist PT Casting: The Accurist PT baitcast reel was previously discontinued but it is now back and is joining its 100 sized Performance Tuned siblings. With such the economy affecting everyone the Accurist PT comes at a good time and is a perfect fit for many anglers because it has offers a great balance of value versus cost at only $99.95 retail.


Welcome back Accurist PT


The Quantum Accurist PT features an aluminum frame and gear side cover, Micro ACS2 cast control, PT ceramic drag system, a flipping switch, and 6 PT Polymer-Stainless bearings. The newly redesigned Accurist PT will be available in both right and left hand retrieve with both 6.3:1 and 7.0:1 gear ratios.


Kinetic PT Casting: New for 2010 will be Quantum's Kinetic PT casting reel. This reel is positioned one notch above the Accurist PT and right below the Catalyst PT. The main difference between the two reels is the refinement and the Kinetic PT has more metal components. The only difference between the two in price is $20, as the Kinetic PT will retail for only $119.95.


The Kinetic PT casting reel looks a lot like the higher end models but only costing $119.95


Available in right and left hand models with both 6.3:1 and 7.0:1 speeds, the new Kinetic PT baitcast reel is constructed with an aluminum frame and gear side cover, Micro ACS2 cast control, PT ceramic drags, and 7 PT Polymer-Stainless bearings.


Conclusion: Quantum has positioned themselves well for the coming season with the new introductions that fill strategic niches in the market. The 150 size reels offer anglers a reel with a small profile yet a enlarged line capacity. The two new additions to the PT series, Accurist PT and Kinetic PT, will most likely be hot sellers as the mainstream segment has been hotter than ever, and though more affordable these reels still provide a long list of features. Quantum's new PT Spinning reels complete the brand's spinning lineup, and offer anglers a true ultralight. With this preview article we've only touched a small portion of what is coming from the company this ICAST, and in addition to fresh products Quantum is also planning price reductions on some select rods and reels to make their already robust lineup even more attractive to anglers looking for a better blend of value and performance.













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