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Reel Review


The Quantum Energy PT: See how this refreshing redesigned reel compares (continued)

Drag: With the increase size of the main gear, you would expect larger drag washers but thatís not the case with the Energy PT. The drag, with a clicking drag star, is identical to the older model which is plenty for anglers fishing for bass and other freshwater game. Our new Energy PT produced a hefty 8.81 pounds of force which is enough to handle any bass and more. We also tested the smoothness of the drag system, and like before, the ceramic drag system starts and stays smooth through all pressure ranges. On the water we tested it on some Fall season stripers that hit and run hard when initially hooked. After hooking many schoolie sized striped bass up to 18 pounds, we are happy with the dragís capabilities. Verdict: No change


Above are the gears and drag washers from the new and old Energy PT. The larger gear is from the 2006 Energy PT


Ergonomics: So how ergonomic is the latest Energy PT? We liked the feel of the 2005 and older model reel when we had it in our hands, especially when palming the reel during bass fishing. The 2006 Quantum Energy PT feels the same if not better with its new frame. The reel fits nicely and sits right as we palm it. There is one thing though that we would like to see changed. The weight of the new Energy PT is 9.5 ounces whereas the 2005 Energy PT comes in at 9.2 ounces and the X-Metal weighing 9.6 ounces. Why this increase? We looked into this further in our lab by dissecting both reels. We measured the size and weight of the obvious major components that amounted for some of the difference. The increased main gear is one that added more weight to the E760PT. Also, because of the enlarged gear, the gear housing had to be increased in size as well which is obvious when looking at the reel. In addition the handle is now a cold-forged one-piece capless screw-on with larger and more ergonomic knobs whereas the old one has a drilled handle to reduce weight. Lastly, going from a five bearing system to seven added to the overall increase in weight as well. It seems like that Quantum wanted to enhance the performance of the other areas, but in return sacrificed the overall weight. Verdict: They got it half right


Though new in overall profile the reel still palms nicely. Also the new handle sports larger more ergonomic knobs


Durability: The E600PT and E750PT both have Quantumís scratch-resistant vacuum deposition coating, but the base composition is different. The new Energy PT makes use of titanium vacuum deposition coating which provide a tougher outer layer to keep it from scuffs and other damage. After using the reel for over one month we havenít experienced any damage to the coating or any other components. The one piece forged handle is absolutely solid and the other components seem to have held up to our tests. Verdict: They got it right


The guts of the 2006 and 2005 Energy PT baitcasting reel


Price: Usually when a reel is redesigned it is because they want to change something thatíll add value to it such as increase in performance or implementing newer technological mechanisms, which in turn means a jump in price. How big of a jump will vary between manufacturers. Take for example the Shimano Curado and Chronarch. Those had an enormous price difference between the old and new models. Quantum did right with the Energy PT which received some improvements yet still kept the price reasonable. The suggested retail price of the old model was $159.95 whereas the new 2006 E760PT received only a twenty dollar increase, coming in at a MAP of $179.95. Verdict: They got it right


The Energy remains a great bass reel but can be used for other species of fish where the souped up gearing should really come in handy



Quantum Energy PT (E760PT) Ratings (?/10)


A solid new frame with durable components including the scratch-resistant titanium vacuum deposition coating


Casts are now more controlled and can be fined tuned with the variable cast control system that has a wide range. Retrieves are smooth and more powerful at higher speeds than before. The overall package is higher performing and better than the older model


With the redesign and upgrades, the Energy PT still comes in at under $200 for this high-end baitcast reel


Sports many advances that provide the performance and quality that makes up this reel such as the new Infinite ACS centrifugal cast control system

Design (Ergonomics)

With the increased gear, solid cold-forged handle, and other new components, the reel received a slight increase in weight which we would like to see reduced in future designs. Though heavier it can still feel right when balanced with the right rod like our Ultra XL


This is an awesome bass reel but can handle landlocked stripers without a problem


Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J More powerful L Increased weight
J Great looks  
J Smooth retrieve  
J Wide cast control range  

The Energy PT is near Quantumís top of the line baitcast reel and it shows. (The upcoming Tour Edition reels will now be the company's flagship baitcaster) It employs all of the company's latest advancements and has what it takes to even satisfy the 2005 Bassmaster Classic champion Kevin VanDam. The reel casts better than the older model, has an oversized gear for more power while retrieving at a higher-speed, and the finish is truly distinctive. With all these improvements the additional cost to the consumer has increased only slightly, and the product still manages to come in at a reasonable price point for a premium reel. Built with quality components, enlarged gearing, and a stunning finish it looks like Quantum sure did right by the new Energy PT, and Quantum fans will not be disappointed. On a final note...if we had a TT rating for "cool factor" the 2006 Energy PT's attention-grabbing finish would definitely take home the blue ribbon.












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