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Three Way Premium Braided Line Showdown (continued)

Sufix Performance Braid: With the number of carriers in the line dependent upon the actual pound test you're looking at the Sufix Performance Braid product barely squeezed into our "Premium Braid" roundup. But squeeze it did and if nothing else, for one reason alone - Performance braid really does perform very well.

Sufix's Performance Braid fished during our Crankbait Rod Wars of 2009.

Unlike both the Toray and Daiwa product discussed earlier, Sufix Performance Braided line really has some body to it. For flat out casting distance or open water situations, this characteristic may not be ideal, but when in the midst of cover, this stuff fires in with each cast or pitch very precisely with the trail of your line unaffected by wind or other influences.

Sufix Performance Braid is a very good multi-purpose superline and works well for many applications including jigging coastal waters for rockfish...

The coating on Sufix Performance Braid is probably what gives the line its added body and is very similar to the coating found on PowerPro although without the loose flakes flying out everywhere in the first few casts. This slightly tougher coating as compared to Toray and Samurai braid, gives the Sufix line a tad more abrasion resistance - or at the very least, it gives the angler an impression it will hold up better in heavy cover situations than the other two lines that are very soft and supple.

... to fishing jerkbaits ...

One of the somewhat unique characteristics of the Sufix product that bares mentioning is the number of colors in which it is available and actually one color in particular. The Fluorescent Neon Fire color in Sufix's Performance Braid is about as high visibility as you can get and it's really quite startling how bright this line is above the surface of the water. Of course, if concerned regarding the visibility of such lines above or below the water, simply use a leader of mono, copoly, or fluoro and you can have the best of both worlds.

... and swimbaits for striper.

For those who like a bit more body in their line, Sufix Performance Braid may be the perfect compromise between a premium six to eight carrier line and the traditional four carrier lines. Performance braid handles great in any application be that throwing topwater plugs like the Lunker Punker or your favorite frog, jigging deep for rock fish along the coast, punching matts in the Delta, or out in open water with a crankbait or jerkbait. For overall performance and value, it's tough to beat Sufix Performance Braid.

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