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Three Way Premium Braided Line Showdown (continued)

Daiwa Samurai Braid: I've been fishing Daiwa Samurai Braid on and off since its introduction to the market. Since that time, the product has supposedly gone through a couple of reformulations to increase tensile and shock strength though I've not had an issue with either of those properties with these lines.

Daiwa's Samurai Braid saw a lot of action on our outfits during 2009.

I will say the latest formulation of this line makes it, by far, the softest, easiest handling braided line I have fished to date. The handling of this line is extraordinary and because of that, you have to be a little extra careful with your slack line on a cast because this line will wrap your rod tip if you're not careful and this is true even of the higher pound test versions of this line. It's not so much of an issue when the winds are calm, but when you do need to pay heed when it's blowing.

It's an excellent line for tossing big baits in pursuit of striper.

This was my go-to line at the latter stages of the Crankbait Rod wars because it is actually thinner than other braids of comparable rated strength. Fished with a fluorocarbon leader, the thinner main line allows your cranks to get down relatively quickly and needless to say, the sensitivity is outstanding.

It's Slammer time!

Cases where the suppleness of this line can get in the way is with frog fishing and punching mats. Samurai braid is almost too soft and supple for these applications as the line can easily wrap around branches, twigs, and any other obstructions sticking out of the water or within your casting path if you're not careful. This didn't happen a lot, but it did happen to me on a couple of occasions in instances where I felt if I were fishing a line with a little more stiffness to it, the entanglements may not have occurred.

This striper fell victim to Lucky Craft's re-engineered Real California Supreme 200.

As mentioned in the Toray braid discussion, color fastness of any spectra fibered braided line is not going to be very good and sure enough, Samurai braid holds true to this trait. I've grown fond of the hi-vis yellow Samurai braid but when new, the yellow coating drips off the line and onto my boat quite readily.

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