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The hybrid Plano FlipSider effectively blends both soft and hard tackle storage systems together (continued)

Ergonomics cont'd: I found the padding in the shoulder strap to be better than 90% of the shoulder bags out there due to an excellent combination of padding and a tacky rubber surface that wonít slip off your shoulder. While the shoulder strap was excellent the same canít be said about the hand strap. It is awkwardly placed in the rear of the bag so that when it is grasped the bag angles to one side and this puts a great deal of pressure on a strap that isnít padded. Carrying the loaded FlipSider with just the hand strap feels unnatural and in most cases I just used this when loading the bag back into the car or truck.


The pockets feature webbing on the side so items will not come rolling out when you reach for tools and tackle

Durability: Itís always fun to beat on something until it breaks. In the case of the FlipSider this was taken to the extreme. We had fun bashing the bag with a hammer, throwing it aggressively into the back of the truck, and off roading with the FlipSider in the bed.


Even with the boxes there was still room for a hat


On a scale of one to ten the FlipSider gets an eleven in the durability department. This bag is built tough! In fact because it makes use of a soft body and is reinforced with non-rigid TPR Hardbottom technology it can actually take a greater beating than most hard boxes and soft systems. When it comes to durability it truly is the best of both worlds.


The bag can be carried two ways, by hand or over the shoulder

When off roading we were surprised just how well the bag stayed rooted. While other bags and boxes in the truck were threatening to bounce out of the bed the FlipSider pulled a ďSpider ManĒ and stuck on with confidence. The Hardbottom of this bag is actually a flexible rubber that is molded with oversized edges so that the bag can hold onto a truck bed or boat deck like no other.

Quality metal hardware highlighted in the shoulder strap

The main bag is built out of a sturdy EVA foam structure, and the unit is bonded to the integrated FlipSider compartment with a combination of glue, and heavy nylon stitching. The bag makes use of premium zippers, and all straps make use of reinforced metal hardware.

The shoulder strap cushion is excellent

The only area that we thought might be a durability concern was the Duraview window. But after months of abuse we have come to the conclusion that the hinges are reinforced enough to stand the test of time, and a series of test strikes with a hammer put our concerns of the window cracking to death real quick.

Hmmm...when just using the hand strap the bag leans to one side rather awkwardly

Price & Applications: The FlipSider retails for 64.99 and is one of the more expensive Plano tackle boxes on the market. However, it isnít considered overly high-priced when compared to other premium tackle solutions. So who should look into the FlipSider? We think the bag is very well suited for freshwater anglers, but not as well suited for saltwater anglers due to the usefulness of the FlipSider compartment when it comes to trying to house oversized saltwater lures.


A close-up of the hand strap

The bag is good for anglers that enjoy fishing from shore, but not those that hike long distances to their honey holes. Because the FlipSider makes use of traditional 3700 size boxes it is also a great bag for anglers with boats.


The FlipSider proved to be extremely durable, and survived being tossed bashed, and trampled on for months

Many bass boats like Ranger and Triton come complete with tackle drawers outfitted just for 3700 size boxes. When it comes to riding shotgun in a tournament the FlipSider is a good bag to use when grabbing some of your existing organized tackle and jumping into your buddyís boat.


Plano FlipSider Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Plano has always made bags that can stand up to abuse, and the FlipSider is among the best we have seen yet. The bag is built with top notch construction and materials 9
Performance Performance was very good in all our tests. There are some concerns about total tackle storage volume, but most freshwater anglers will do just fine. The FlipSider makes it easier than ever to find the right lure quickly 9
Price A reasonable price for a tackle solution that is able to offer so much in terms of features 8
Features Plenty of features, we love the integrated flipsider system and the fact that you can use existing 3700 size utility boxes 9
Design (Ergonomics) The Flipsider is a good bag for short distances, but you wont want to hike anywhere with it. The shoulder strap is excellent but the single hand strap is not nearly as ergonomic 7
Application This tackle system is really geared more towards freshwater anglers than saltwater anglers. While we are confident that the bag's construction will hold up in offshore conditions the flipsider compartment simply is not as useful with most oversized salt lures 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Innovative design L Not designed for long treks
J Bold looks and performance L Offshore anglers need not apply
J Flexible utility box system  
J FlipSider system is fast  
J Built like a tank!  
J Reasonable price  

Conclusion: The FlipSider is undoubtedly the most exciting bag we have seen from Plano yet. This bag (or box) is bold in every way. From the Burnt Orange exterior to the successful integration of the FlipSider tackle system this bag oozes confidence, and self-assurance is exactly what you will have when you stow your tackle into this bag. Not only does the FlipSider do a first rate job protecting your prized lures it makes it faster than ever before to identify and select your lure of choice. When it comes to durability the FlipSider is built like a M1 tank. We gave our test unit the thrashing of a lifetime and the bag simply shrugged it off. If you are a freshwater angler and looking for an easy new way to bear your tackle then you should definitely consider the FlipSider. With ICAST just weeks away I hope Plano isnít done innovating, but topping the FlipSider is not going to be an easy task.











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