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Swimbait Review


PB Rat Lights It Up With a Little Slosh and a Lot of Boils


Date: 11/1/20
Tackle Type: Swimbait
Manufacturer: PB Rat
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.08 - GREAT

What the hollow body frog is to fishermen who prefer conventional sized bait and tackle, the waking rat bait is to those anglers who make throwing big, oversized baits their purview. It is an obsession not easily overcome and haunts your every waking dream like an infestation of your subconscious realm. We were first introduced to the bait back in 2009 at the annual gathering for big bait enthusiasts, Bass-A-Thon in Southern California.


The PB rat is back and while the profile may be similar it is now built out of a uniquely mixed resin


At that time the original PB Rat was a hand carved, wooden bait made of three pieces and retailed for $100 a bait. While those wooden baits are no longer in production the PB, like a cunning rat, is still around. In fact, it just happened to have re-merged this past summer and in a big way. The bait is now available in a two and three piece version and is made from a more durable, consistent, and all together sinister resin.


The original PB Rat was hand carved out of wood. This was a picture we took of the bait 11 years ago when we were first introduced to it at the Bass-a-thon in Los Angeles



PB Rat Topwater Rat Specifications

Type Wake Bait
Length (w/o tail) 2-Piece = 5.5 inches : 3-Piece = 7" : Tail = 5 inches
Weight 2-Piece = 2.4oz : 3-Piece = 2.9oz
Depth 0-2ft
Material Resin
Variations 2-piece : 3-Piece
Hooks #1/0 (front) #1 (back) - Owner ST36
MSRP 2-piece = $120 : 4-piece = $140


Zander's dog Mo is a regular rat hunter and is fascinated by the new PB


Impressions: The PB Rat is back but while it bears a familiar profile it has now been reincarnated with new resin base materials. This latest PB Rat is now available in a two and three piece version.


The use of resin gives the new bait some interesting new features and properties which we will delve into, but one of the most interesting is that the mixing of resin makes each bait unique, much like the original which each rat showcased the grain of the wood that it was born from.


The reincarnated bait is now made of resin, this makes each and every bait unique


The two piece measures five and a half inches (without tail) and weighs 2.4 ounces (including tail). While the three piece is slightly larger at seven inches without the tail and 2.9 ounces including the tail. As far as rats go, the PB actually feels very light and should be manageable with any rod rated up to three or four ounces in lure weight.

Ready to send the three piece

Real World Tests: This past summer, I fished a variety of different swimbait rods, all of which will eventually find their way to our pages and pages of reviews. The PB Rat was among the baits I relied upon to test some of the finer characteristics of this stick, but it felt most at home on my custom built, Point Blank Rods PB761XXHMF matched with my limited edition, yellow, Daiwa Z2020. I only just realized now, why this rat made so much sense on that rod. It's the mojo of the "PB." Anyway, my line of choice on this particular combo was Seaguar's entry to the hollow braid market, Thread Lock in 50lb strength, topshotted with 30lb Sunline Super Natural.

From nose to back (without tail), the 3-piece measures seven inches fully extended

Send It: Despite its many pieces and very loose joint construction, the PB Rat casts very easily and flies very true to its intended trajectory. Maybe it was the rod, maybe it was the true symbiosis of the bait and rig combo, but it got to the point where it felt like I was using a 6'10" rod casting a spinnerbait into the tightest corners next to docks, under tree limbs, and up close to shore. You don't get that kind of ease in presentation with most big baits, but somehow, the PB Rat cast much more easily than its length and weight would suggest.

From nose to back (without tail), the 2-piece measures five and a half inches fully extended

That Sound: You know how some of your favorite bands have that signature sound? Like, no matter what their latest song may be, if you hear it on the radio or through your favorite streaming service, not knowing it's them, you'll recognize their work immediately? Well, if that's their game, a good waking bait will make a lot of noise. Some are intended to be silent, which is why I qualified that statement. Well, an excellent waking bait will do more than make noise, it will have its own sound.

Slurp-poww! That topwater rat bite is addictive

The PB Rat sloshes and grinds its way to a signature sound as if it were a three-piece band instead of a bait. The two-piece is like an a capella, still with perfect pitch and good dance moves, but that three-piece is the like the latest rock band by comparison bringing the fire and setting the surface alight as it slinks back and forth.

Each PB Rat comes equipped with a #1/0 front and #1 back hook (Owner ST36)

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