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Rain or Shine the Smallies come out for the Pros on Pardee Lake (continued)


Dean and Cal worked all the usual spots but were unable to get another hit. The weather was brutal, and as it neared time to get back all twelve boats powered in looking like bobbers on the ocean. All I could think about as we were heading in was that it was a good thing that Johnís boat was a full size Ranger. Anything less than 20 feet would have been flat out dangerous, and we powered back at a pretty good click.


You know the weather is bad when you can't keep rain off your camera lens, or your boat for that matter


On the way back we took two waves over the bow, and John laughed and said ďI was thinking about taking the time to head them off, but it isnít that cold.Ē


We get a break towards the end and John boats a nice largemouth


When we got back to the ramp everyone gathered around for the weigh in of all the fish. Everyone was still gawking at Deanís smallie hawg when the very last boat came in.


John powers us back in

 Despite the tough conditions many of the pros managed to scratch up largemouth and smallmouth from 2 to 4.5lbs each.

RJ Bennett measure a 4.3lb largemouth

The last rig belonged to Alan Fong, host of the ďFun FishingĒ television show, when he got to the top of the ramp he reached into his livewell and pulled out a 5lb+ smallmouth at which point many anglers congratulated him on what was a quality fish, but remarked that Deanís was still bigger.

A crowd gathers to check out what Alan has in his livewell...

In response Alan reached back into livewell and double fisted a fish that was a cookie cutter of Deanís! After digital scale comparisons Alan had Dean beat by just over a single oz.

...and they are not disappointed by his fistfuls of bass


Thatís Pardee for you! Just when we thought the day was won by Dean Alan proved that the big bronzebacks are plentiful in Pardee. The lake, and state record keeps getting toppled at Pardee, and judging from our sampling today it seems likely we can expect the trend to continue.


Pro Swimbait Angler Russ Graves (right) with a contest winner from Kent's show, who had a great day on the water


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