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To get more quality fish they headed over to find fish the docks in the marina. Cal cut off his swimbait and went with a cinnamon/black&purple flake (color 221)Yamamoto Kreature. The change paid off with a strike, a solid one. Bub turned back and said, “Smallie, good one.” Cal loaded up on the Loomis Shakey head rod and cranked on his Daiwa Certate 2000. The fish responded and Bub yelled “easy Shooter, let her run!” The rod loaded up and Cal brought it up closer to the surface.


Cal jokes with Bub about the "trout incident"


With no net on the boat, Bub kneeled down to lip the fish, when he was greeted with a spastic 6lb Rainbow trout. In total dismay, he stood up turned to Cal and said “well, you’re on your own bro.” Cal worked his way down to the fish and fought it along side the boat once more so he could reach for the underbelly of the trout. As he grabbed his line to steady the fish, it dove once more and *snap* went Cal’s line.


Alan Fong host of "Fun Fishing" TV talks shop

Cal looked up at Bub and told him, "Dude, what's up with no net in the boat. We had the trout derby won on that fish. Wait until I get done with the write up on that one. People are going to be calling you for trophy trout trips on Pardee instead of bass on Don Pedro!"


Mid way through its looking good for Dean and Zander

With the day half done we head back to the marina to regroup and compare notes. Out of twelve boats Dean and I had caught the most fish, and Dean had also boated the largest fish of the day so far.

Double G (Greg Guiterrez) works a worm at the start of the second half

For the second part of the day Cal fished with Dean and I ran shotgun with John Meas. John and I decided to focus on quality largemouth since Dean had already caught what was pretty much the unbeatable smallmouth of the day.

John Maes focuses on finesse lures and drop shot


The weather so far had been windy but we knew the rain was coming just by the way the wind was increasing in strength. Within the first hour the wind went from about 12 to 20mph, and Mother Nature threw in some solid bouts of intense rain for good measure. The bite got a whole lot tougher, and staying dry was just as hard as keeping our lures in position.


The weather turns and winds and heavy rain come pouring in


I continued to focus on jigs and deep diving cranks while John turned to worms and a drop shot rig. I had one hit, but wasn’t able to boat another fish all day. John on the other hand had a few hits, and with just twenty minutes before weigh in he boated a football shaped 4.5lb largemouth that put up a serious fight on his light spinning drop shot St. Croix rod. 


Zander gears up for the rain


Next Section: John shows us a Pardee Largemouth










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